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The concert of Cui Shu's works came to a successful conclusion, and the stars performed the changes

November 16, 2004 The concert of Cui Shu's works was successfully concluded in Beijing Guotu Art Center. On the night of the performance, famous singers Tong Tiexin, Liu Yuanyuan and Wang Li, as well as pop singers such as Cui Zige, Liu Xin and Dong Zhen who have performed Cui Shu's works, attracted cheers from the audience and were highly praised by the audience and the media. Liu Huan, Zhang Weijian, Yu Yi and other friends who did not show up also sent their best wishes through VCR.

The concert is also a series of activities of the Beijing culture and Art Foundation's communication and promotion project in 2018 and the Beijing international pop music week in 2018. It is an important part of music and cultural communication in 2018. This year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. Cultural works are produced in the times and reflect the times. Therefore, the concert specially invited Tong Tiexin and his party of many national singers to perform classical main melody songs such as "my Chinese dream", "father and son", "dragon's hometown". The audience and singers reviewed the changes of the times since the reform and opening up Review home, country and dream.

The concert opened at 19:30 that night. Cui Shu, a famous lyricist, took the lead in delivering his speech on stage, telling his experience in the process of composing Ci and music as the lead creator of the whole concert, as well as his vision for the future. Then, the concert officially began in the children's Chorus "the best future". "The best future" is a public welfare song, written by Cui Shu and composed by Zhang Yadong. It also reflects the activity concept of "pay attention to music, care for children, and pay attention to the future". The concert was conducted in the form of song performance and impromptu conversation. The interactive conversation between Cui Shu and the guests made the content of the concert more abundant.

In addition to the main melody works, the concert also performed a number of popular songs such as "beauty robbery", "love like the air", "can read can not be said", "true hero", etc., which fully reflected the width and depth of Cui Shu's works. The concert ended in the song "thank you for listening to my song". In addition to expressing the musicians' love for music, the concert also expressed the wish of calling for copyright awareness and creating a good original environment.