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Fans give love to Aidou

Haige entertainment news: Recently, some netizens have integrated a small collection of fans and idols. Now the mode of getting along with the stars and fans is really weird and a little cute. The idols and fans say that they are dismantling the stage, which is actually very supportive. It looks really naughty and lovely, full of love.

Wang Yuan (focus): do you say we want to be together? Fans: Yes! Wang Yuan looks confused ~ what's the ghost in his heart? Ha ha ha~

IU: just talked about the topic that I've become fat... Fans: what's fat? I'm laughing~

Lin Junjie: my classmates are married one by one. When can I be the same as them?

Male fan: choose one here! Fan: I'm going to give you a baby!

Guo Degang said to Guo Qilin: I'm looking forward to you making a girlfriend! Fans: Dad, father-in-law

male fan: he Jiong, I love you. He Jiong: OK, thank you... But we can't! Ha ha ha, just say that this fans are really excellent!