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"My nanny manual" Lan Lan let Su DAHAO participate in the reality show. Isn't this flower and youth?

The TV series "my nanny's Manual" is also known as a new theme idol drama of "exposing the real entertainment circle". Among them, Zheng Shuang, indipa and LV Jiarong play characters of all levels in the play, supporting each other in the unfathomable circle and moving towards the ideal future. With the development of the plot, the audience find that the play has become more and more close to the unfolding of real events For example, the fast-food 'reality show' mentioned in the play, some people pointed out that this implied 'flowers and teenagers'?

"My nanny manual" is shown exclusively in Youku video. From Monday to Friday, only one episode is updated every day. Only VIP can watch the following plot first. The latest episode is about Lan Lan, the agent played by LV Jiarong, arranged a reality show of stars and plain people for Su DAHAO (indipa), although it seems that this program only lets Su DAHAO and ordinary people together Participation is only for hype and promotion of popularity. This kind of commercial program full of purpose is the hottest one in the entertainment industry.

Seeing Lan Lan put forward the idea of participating in the reality show, netizens couldn't help but send out the following comments: how can you look more like saying flowers and teenagers? Is this play about Zheng Shuang's personal experience? This is the most tragic time of flowers and youth! As we all know, Zheng Shuang attracted a large number of audiences because of his participation in flowers and youth a few years ago. Now this plot is going to be restored in the play? "My nanny manual" really dare to write and shoot, great!

Of course, LAN LAN, as Su DAHAO's agent, is also a friend who has an unusual relationship. Apart from the relationship between them, the most important thing is that they have a feeling of mutual trust. Therefore, LAN LAN will not let Su Hao take risks. It may not be a bad thing to participate in the reality show, especially when Su DAHAO and song fei'er recently spread a "false affair" and "broke up." Under, this practice may make his topic hotter. Lan Lan is really a delicate and smart boss.

After being framed and threatened, Lan Lan relieved Su DAHAO's crisis again and again. As a boss and friend, she almost spared no effort to pave a smooth road for Su DAHAO. Faced with Li Ma, a man who has a deep mind and city government, Lan Lan Lan does not mess around, always takes into account the artist's side, and is very concerned about his personal feelings Said that LV Jiarong plays LAN LAN in the play is very gratifying, even more dazzling than female number one.

Although the relationship between LAN LAN and Su DAHAO has not yet started, the audience has gradually noticed the "spark" between them. They want to know what kind of story Su DAHAO will have in the recording of reality TV. Will it really be as hyped as in flowers and teenagers? Let's continue to follow the story of my nanny manual!