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Rumor: Zhang Jiayi divorces

Zhang Jiayi and his wife, Wang Haiyan, have been very happy for many years, but recently there are rumors on the Internet that the two have divorced, and a screenshot of Wang Haiyan's microblog shows that Wang Haiyan's Micro blog post "years of marriage is a group of loose sand". But yesterday night, Zhang Jiayi's wife, Wang Haiyan, posted a microblog, personally refuted the rumors, and showed a group photo of the family.

Recently, there was a rumor on the Internet that Zhang Jiayi and his wife Wang Haiyan had divorced. However, some netizens found that the images of rumors were all PS. therefore, Zhang Jiayi's wife stressed in her micro blog that they were not divorced.

On November 8, a netizen disclosed that Zhang Jiayi's wife Wang Haiyan sent such a message on her microblog: "many years of marriage, a group of loose sand, a paper agreement, no see you again." for a while, it was interpreted by the media as a crisis in Zhang Jiayi's marriage. However, careful netizens immediately found that this is a fake screenshot processed by PS. the rumor added '2018' to the date. As we all know, the normal display of microblog shows that the year will not be marked. On November 15, Zhang Jiayi's wife, Wang Haiyan, posted a sweet photo with her husband, Zhang Jiayi, on the micro blog, and added: "this one was sent by myself. I haven't used microblog for four years. Hello, Dong'an! Take photos and eat hot pot. 'refute rumors of divorce. Now Wang Haiyan has personally sent a microblog to face the rumor of "divorce". As can be seen from the photos, the two people are in a good relationship.

Wang Haiyan and Zhang Jiayi met and fell in love in 2004. In 2007, they got their marriage certificate. Three years later, they had the crystallization of love. Wang Haiyan gave birth to a baby princess named Zhang Yixin. They are also a model couple. They have never seen any conflicts between them because of their love or life on the Internet. Zhang Jiayi also said in the interview that he could not be single again. This bowl of dog food should be done first!

Zhang Jiayi and his wife Wang Haiyan met and fell in love with the TV series "national mission" in 2004. They fell in love with each other for three years before they decided to get married and stay together for a lifetime. They got married in 2007. On September 19, 2010, their daughter Zhang Yixin was born, and the family was very happy; The two people usually get along with each other in a very loving and low-key way. Maybe it is because of their low-key that many rumor makers have a chance to exploit. The rumor makers are really immoral. A good marriage is a rumor. It's good to have a false alarm. Finally, I wish them a long life together.