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First look at Naza, second eye, Tong Liya, third eye, Sun Li! Face bumping King

There is nothing strange in this world. Anything can happen, and people of all kinds will have it. The entertainment industry is like a small society, and the stars in it are like ordinary people. Some people look like gulina Zha at the first sight, and then they think it's Tong Liya at the second glance. After a close look at the third eye, you can find that it should be Sun Li. When you study it clearly, you can find that she is nobody Yes, she's just herself, Lu Jiarong.

Gulina Zhalu Jiarong makes people stupid and unclear

Mainland actress LV Jiarong is similar to Huadan gulina Zha in appearance, and the event of bumping into each other's faces has set off a boom on the Internet. Both of them also have a capable short hair, and their similar eyebrows and expressions have always made people confused. There are also many viewers who suspect that they are sisters. This also makes netizens often leave messages on LV Jiarong's microblog, thinking that they have come to Naza's microblog.

Tong Liya and LV Jiarong have an inexplicable sense of similarity

There are always beauties in the entertainment industry, but some actresses are not related by blood, but their appearance is very similar. Sometimes they make a lot of Oolong because of their similar looks, which makes people laugh and cry. And LV Jiarong and Tong Liya also have some similarities. Both of them have inexplicable similarities in body, temperament and facial features.

Sun Li Lu Jiarong similarity is also like a withdrawal

And Lu Jiarong and Sun Li are similar to each other. Lu Jiarong, the face bumping king with the most beautiful appearance, is really worthy of the name. In fact, in many popular TV dramas, we can see the familiar figure of LV Jiarong. She is either bright or charming or domineering. From her body, we can see the changeable plasticity of an actor. With her delicate face, proud figure and exquisite acting skills, LV Jiarong has become a new member of the entertainment industry, and her future development is immeasurable.