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In November, Zheng Shuang and Zhao Liying compete for a elder sister, and she rises greatly

As we all know, in addition to appearance, the popularity of female stars in the entertainment industry is also particularly important. As the busy November has passed, many actresses have started to race against the clock to improve their popularity. They have come up with their own "killer mace". Zheng Shuang and Zhao Liying, the two most popular actresses, are fighting for the title of "the first sister of popularity" with the hit of "my Nanny manual" and "you and me's fallen city time", while another popular actress, LV Jiarong, is also in this "popularity" The controversy has won over high popularity.

It is conceivable that Zheng Shuang's new play has been watched for more than 200 million people

Speaking of Zheng Shuang, many people first think of her upright, low-key and unadorned personality, which can be called a stream of entertainment industry. With this frank character, Zheng Shuang has been favored by many netizens, and her popularity has been high. No matter what's important or small, everything related to her has been on hot search. Recently, her new play "my nanny manual" has finally started broadcasting in the call of fans. She has a variety of shapes in the play, playing a cute and funny intelligent robot Saori. Although the play started in the early hours of Youku, its broadcast volume exceeded 200 million times in just one hour, which directly broke the premiere record. You can imagine its popularity!

Zhao Liying's newlyweds help the new TV series to start broadcasting

In recent years, with her own efforts, Zhao Liying has grown into one of the most popular female stars in the entertainment industry. Recently, the news of her marriage with Feng Shaofeng's official Xuan instantly paralyzed her microblog, making her popularity even higher. With the help of her newlyweds, Zhao Liying's "you and I've been in the city for a long time" has been on the air. This is her first TV play this year, and it is also an urban drama that she has returned after many years. Therefore, as soon as the play was launched, it was warmly welcomed by netizens. Not only did the story frequently get on the hot search, but also many stars in the circle publicized it for her. In fact, her popularity was not to be underestimated!

Lu Jiarong's popularity soars, netizens brush barrage to express their love

Although not as popular as the top two, Lu Jiarong's popularity in November also increased by a large margin with the popularity of her new drama and her pleasing role. "My nanny manual" is LV Jiarong's fifth TV series released this year. The popularity of the first four plays has paved the way for her popularity. In "my nanny Handbook", she plays Lan Lan, a manager who enjoys a high reputation in the entertainment industry. She is capable and aggressive. She has short hair and exudes a strong sense of imperial sister, so that she can kill her opponent in temperament. LAN LAN, who has amazing appearance and outstanding temperament, is loved by a group of netizens. Even more, she expresses herself directly with the bullet screen: sister LAN has temperament, she is in love with you! It can be seen that LV Jiarong's acting skills are not only recognized by the public, but also popular all the way!

Who do you pick the most in November?