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My nanny manual, also known as bringing you to the entertainment industry

The hit drama "my nanny manual" starred by Zheng Shuang, indipa and Lu Jiarong has been continuously broadcast in Youku video. After the third episode, the number of times it has been broadcast has exceeded 550 million times. The names of Zheng Shuang and LV Jiarong have been sent to microblog hot search frequently. It can be seen that the play has a strong appeal. My nanny manual tells about AI smart girls and proud male stars in entertainment Love under the background of the music circle, therefore, has been given a second name by the audience - "take you to the entertainment circle".

Su DAHAO is plotted by villains Lan Lan is calm and does not mess

The complexity of the entertainment industry is beyond ordinary people's imagination. No matter how careful, there will always be unexpected situations. Lan Lan, as played by LV Jiarong in my nanny manual, is a senior agent who helps artists overcome all difficulties. On the road to becoming a giant star for male star Su DAHAO, they have encountered countless difficulties. In recent series, Su DAHAO is filming He had been schemed by villains before, leading to the late shooting and even taking the wrong title page. These mistakes are very taboo for the actors. As a result, Su DAHAO was scolded by the director.

Su DAHAO was punished, and then Lan Lan, the agent, understood everything. She immediately realized that it might be the competitors in this industry who were making mischief, and told her good assistants to be prepared for precaution. In her work, she is not in a hurry. In the face of unexpected events, she is orderly. Even her modeling in the play is always staged 'formal show'. Each set of professional clothes highlights the steadiness and indifference of the role.

Lan Lan decides to push the boat along the river

The entertainment industry has always been hard for people to understand and guess, but in my nanny manual, the audience can clearly see the "open and secret fighting" that is staged every day in this circle. In the play, Su DAHAO and his baby sitter Saori (Zheng Shuang) are accidentally seen on the set by a passer-by. He takes a video and threatens to use 500000 yuan for "one hand payment and one hand delivery". Song fei'er, a female star, remembers Saori's refusal to be an assistant. She forces the screenwriter to change the script at the shooting scene. She also points out that she needs Saori to be her servant girl in the play. All the fragments in the play truly present the unique "tricks" in the entertainment industry.

Song fei'er is an arrogant and willful schemer in the play. She uses Su Hao's speculation to make a "night sleepover" affair. In fact, she is trying to cover up her real love. After learning about this, Su DAHAO can only be mute and eat Coptis, but she can't say what she has suffered. According to the situation of Su DAHAO's manager, Su DAHAO's agent can make a decision to promote the popularity of the audience.

What else in the entertainment industry that outsiders can't see? "My nanny manual" will be presented to the audience one by one in the following plot, expecting more wonderful performances of Zheng Shuang, indipa and Lu Jiarong.