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National brother Liu Haoran criticized fans for being angry and refused to sign

Recently, a video of Liu Haoran criticizing fans has spread on the Internet, causing many netizens to watch. Liu Haoran, who always smiles on his face and gives a warm feeling of sunshine, criticizes his fans and even refuses to sign his name? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian!

Liu Haoran has always been a good critic in the entertainment industry. Why would he criticize his fans? It turned out that Liu Haoran held a signing party in Beijing recently. One of the fans said that he was playing truant. Liu Haoran criticized the truant students on the spot and said: "no, no, no, but also truant!" but his body is still very honest. How can the kind-hearted brother of Haoran not give his fans a special visit And the signature.

Later, the fan explained that he had found someone to replace the class. Liu Haoran showed a little shocked expression and asked, "what's the substitute?" we all know that it's not good to skip classes, but now students are skipping classes. But Liu Haoran doesn't know these things. It seems that Haoran's younger brother has been studying hard. Liu Haoran's criticism of truant fans has also aroused the enthusiasm of netizens On & hellip; & hellip;

To be honest, this substitute class is not a good thing. But Liu Haoran, who is a senior, doesn't know what a substitute class is. He also shows a curious baby's appearance. He asks his fans seriously what a substitute class is. It has to be said that Liu Haoran is really cute and cute at this time. From this, he is really a good student, and even he doesn't know what it is?

Liu Haoran believes that everyone is familiar with him. He is really an upward young man. Whether in acting or learning, he never forgets his original intention, that is, to be a good actor. Although the public still put a little fresh meat label on him, I would like to sum up with a sentence: it can be regarded as a little fresh meat, but it is also a little fresh meat that can act. He has been working hard to make films. He is not arrogant and impetuous. As a student, he abides by his duty. How can we not love such a new generation of idols? He is a warm man without the burden of idols. We all see his efforts and humility in our eyes. We can see more of his works in the future!