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The hit drama "Liangsheng" is about to end. Cheng Tianyou and Jiang Sheng finally get married

After more than 60 episodes of torture, separation and combination, Cheng Tianyou and Jiang Sheng finally got married in the new drama series yesterday. This scene attracted some fans to tears, while others were distressed by Liangsheng.

Some netizens were overjoyed and thought that Cheng Tianyou finally had a good time! Jiang Sheng abused him a thousand times, and he always treated Jiang Sheng as if he had first love! Cheng Tianyou and Jiang Sheng got married! Since then, the sugar sprinkled by the natural couple were officially sealed! Tianyou is such an excellent man!

Some netizens think they are happy. What about our cool life? He tried so hard for so long, but in the end it was nothing. Jiang Sheng's attitude is ambiguous. He is indifferent to Liangsheng. He loves my poor Liangsheng. It can be said that he is very sad!

Speechless Tucao, more than the love of the hostess, make complaints about others. She has been confused about her feelings. She called Tianyou in front of her brother and her brother in front of her. She has been abusing two men who love her.

In this regard, we can see Liang Sheng, can we not be sad about the degree of cruelty of the drama's netizens. Netizens hold different opinions, and there are blessings, anger, and hopelessness. Do you have any comments on such a plot that you can share with the editor?