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Cui Zige goes to Taiwan to shoot fashion blockbuster promotional album and laughs that he is a "man"

Recently, Cui Zige, Queen of OST, went to Taiwan to promote her new album character. She was invited by Taiwan newspapers to shoot a fashion blockbuster in autumn and winter clothes by fashion brand 'CK' Calvin Klein. During the shooting, Cui Zige not only tried women's clothes, but also tried men's clothes. She said with a smile: "men's wear is the inner me. It has discovered the state I am longing for. In my heart, I wish I was a boy, but I was a daughter. "She also said," I am a very independent person. I have independent ideas. I don't like to rely on others. This is my attitude towards life. It's as concise and concise as CK men's wear. ".

Cui Zige has performed the theme songs of many popular movies and TV dramas, such as the theme song "life and death go hand in hand" of "beautiful woman in the Qin Dynasty", "you have said that the flower is full moon" interlude "you have said" and langyabang's theme song "old ladies". Because the songs are more classical and lyrical, the outside world can not help but think that Cui Zige is also a "graceful goddess" in private, so the team prepared a lot of romantic dresses before shooting But during the shooting, Cui Zige was very fond of handsome clothes. She said: 'this is a man's suit. I'll just button up my sweater and add some sexy elements. '

When shooting a fashion blockbuster, Cui Zige chatted with the staff about her life. She said that she liked to spend a lot of money to buy fashion brand clothes. When her husband Cui Shu saw some of the clothes, her husband would directly praise 'this is good, this is suitable for me', so she took them directly, which was equivalent to buying two clothes for one person.

When asked why he was invited to sing the theme song in the film and TV series for a long time, Cui Zige thought that his singing was ethereal and ethereal, with a sense of picture and substitution, which was quite suitable for Chinese style. Therefore, many of his invitation came from Chuanyue opera. However, due to her work, the queen of OST is unable to pursue the drama happily. She laughs that she has become very technical now. Sometimes she thinks: 'this song should be put in the next plot! '

The new album "character" of this campaign includes songs such as "male girlfriends" and "Tianzhu girls". It has both lyric and electric sound elements, showing the diverse voices beyond the "OST Queen".