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Zheng Shuang's new play "my nanny manual" is too naive! Hot search with her boyfriend Zhang Heng

A few days ago, in a shopping mall on Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, a netizen photographed Zheng Shuang and her boyfriend Zhang Heng. In the photo, Zhang Heng was carrying two bags, while Zheng Shuang accidentally held a big wooden lamp with Zheng Shuang's double Yan Yan present. In the photo, Zheng Shuang, Zhang Heng and her stand in Yan Yan are shopping for drinks in a beverage store. Yan Yan looks down and plays with her mobile phone, quietly acting as a super light bulb.

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It is reported that Zheng Shuang and the stand in actor have a very good relationship. Zheng Shuang usually takes care of Gu Yanyan, and the two were photographed eating hot pot together. After the photos of the three people's date were taken, they all went on a hot search. Many netizens think that this is for its new play "my nanny manual" build momentum.

In the play, you can also see the figure of the double Yan Yan, but this time she is not only a stand in, but directly exposed the positive. Yan Yan plays her sister, which shows the degree of Zheng Shuang's love for her. It's said that Zheng Yan didn't have a good personality because she didn't have a good personality.

Zheng Shuang, indipa and Lu Jiarong co starred in the online drama "my nanny manual" was officially launched in Youku video yesterday. The play quickly broke 200 million in one hour. Zheng Shuang in the play as an ancient spirit of the baby sitter, Daimeng huantuo accompany the male host Su DAHAO. Naive plot is many netizens Tucao: This is her true character, make complaints about this play is Zheng Shuang's personal variety show and so on.

In addition to Zheng Shuang's sense of jumping off, LAN LAN, played by Lu Jiarong in Qingyi in mainland China, is also very "grabbing". Saori can stay with the male owner by his agent Lan Lan's "nanny campaign". A strong woman with high intelligence quotient and high emotional intelligence has worked hand in hand with her own artist Su DAHAO. She has a lot of experience in the entertainment industry and has a good understanding.

Lu Jiarong, as the No.2 girl in the play, won the support of netizens with her quick, accurate and ruthless work style. At the same time, she also sent a microblog to support the play: the picture is very beautiful, and the blue is always blue! Want to be a broker? Let me know in a message~

Lock in Youku video, "my nanny manual" hot broadcast.