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Zheng Yecheng incarnates as a sports master

The film and television drama "the night of the prosperous Tang Dynasty" starred by Zheng Yecheng is an exclusive hit of Tencent video. It has been on line for three weeks, and its broadcast volume has exceeded 1.2 billion. In the play, Zheng Yecheng plays Mu Le, whose natural power, speed and physique are far beyond ordinary people's, and even run faster than horses. Therefore, fans laugh that he "should go to a race.". From November 10 to November 11, Zheng Yecheng made his way from "prosperous Tang Dynasty" to the scene of Tencent video "supernova National Games". In the men's 50m dash and tug of war, Zheng Ye became addicted to athletes.

In the "supernova National Games" held in Guangzhou from November 10 to 11, Zheng Yecheng participated in the competition of men's 50m dash and tug of war on behalf of Jilin team. On the spot of the games, Zheng Yecheng appeared in blue sports tights and black sports tights. His strong arm lines and leg muscles, as well as the indistinct chest and abdominal muscles, revealed his perfect figure of diligence in fitness.

In the preliminary race of the men's 50m dash, Zheng Yecheng, standing at the third track, actively warmed up as soon as he appeared on the stage, and tried running several times between the tracks to make himself adapt to the track as quickly as possible. A starting gun fired, the game officially began. Zheng Yecheng handled the starting link properly. He didn't give up and relax at all. He rushed across the finish line with a drum and won the third place in the preliminary group in 7.19 seconds.

Although this achievement did not help him to make it to the final, Zheng Yecheng's serious attitude towards the competition and his practical interpretation of the positive energy of "born to win" have made fans shout "awesome" and praise him for "running out of the red carpet"!

In the tug of war in the team event held later, Zheng Yecheng once again became a warm-up expert. He not only actively prepared for the war, but also took the initiative to stretch for his teammates. After playing, he took the initiative to line up positions for his teammates, acting as a 'temporary instructor'. Zheng Yecheng cheered and praised the winning opponent at the first time after the game, showing his gentlemanly demeanor of 'friendship first, competition second'. Finally, the northern district team won the tug of war! Zheng Yecheng says "lie down and win"! It's cute!!

Zheng Yecheng's trip to the games can be said to have gained a different new experience. He cheered for his opponents with a rattle, and even rushed down the audience when cheering for his teammates in the 150 meter relay race. The sports spirit of 'friendship first, competition second' is embodied everywhere, and it is also praised by the official seal of supernova National Games.

It is reported that after the completion of the "supernova National Games" competition, Zheng Yecheng will return to the new drama "crane crane Huating" crew to continue filming. At the same time, he starred in the ancient costume fantasy detective drama "illusory night of the Tang Dynasty" is being broadcast all over the Tencent video network. On the evening of November 17 next Saturday, Zheng Yecheng will meet you in happy camp! Zheng Yecheng's November is so full of vitality that it is worth looking forward to!