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"Old lady" is about to start shooting, Pan Hong, Xu Di and other national treasure level movie stars

Recently, the big urban emotional drama "old lady" is about to start shooting in Shanghai at the end of December, which is produced by star global pictures, directed by famous director Qiao Liang, and co starred by Wang Fuli, Pan Hong, song Xiaoying, Xu Di and Wu Mian (sorted by age). As a tribute drama for the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, the play focuses on the twilight youth of the elderly from a unique perspective, takes root in real life, and describes the emotional exchange between parents and children. It is a realistic theme drama close to the public life.

National treasure level opera actors and actresses join hands to perform colorful Twilight youth

Different from other urban emotional dramas, old lady rarely focuses on the life state of parents. It tells the story of five old ladies who live together on the same street. They meet and form girlfriends because of an anti-counterfeiting activity. They work together to solve the difficulties and puzzles in each other's life, and finally start the journey to find new values in life.

In the selection of cast, "old lady" also played a trump card. There are five winners of the film awards, namely, the winner of the Golden Lion Award and the plum blossom award, three winners of the later Golden Lion Award and the later winner of the plum blossom film award. It is bound to bring a lively scene of wind racing.

As the first Chinese artist to appear in time magazine, Pan Hong has successfully created many classic characters. In the TV series "our love", Pan Hong's mother-in-law, Qi Shulan, is calm and sensible. The warm interaction between her and her granddaughter makes her heart tingle. Pan Hong also has a new breakthrough this time, will play the fashionable and beautiful modern old lady Irene in "old girl". Pan Hong always reveals aristocratic temperament and cultural self-cultivation. She is cold and elegant, but also has hidden passion. Irene's role can be regarded as tailor-made for her.

Xu Di, who is good at digging out the characters of small people, is known as "the strongest mother-in-law". In the first half of my life, Xu Di performed Xue Zhenzhu's fierce Philistine, but she also showed her true feelings under her ostentatious appearance. Her penetrating acting skills were impressive. Now in "old lady", Xu Di will play the role of energetic and agile retired doctor Liu. She will always wear straight professional clothes when she goes out, and her sense of elitism is very high.

Wang Fuli, known as the "No.1 sister-in-law" in Chinese film circles, plays a strong and independent old man named Mei. Aunt Mei has a heart of literature and art. She likes coffee, flower arrangement and baking. Wang Fuli's friendly appearance fits the amiability of Aunt Mei. She has a natural intimacy with her own strength in softness.

Song Xiaoying, who always injects vigor and sunshine into the role, plays the lively and cheerful retired teacher song. Curious about new things, but less life skills. Sincere and easygoing, with a bright smile and mild selection difficulty, she is a lovely old lady.

Wu Mian, who is quiet, beautiful and has the unique tenderness and delicacy of Southern women, plays the role of Hong Jie, a housewife with a sharp mouth and a heart full of bean curd. She is forthright and strong. He loves square dance most, but he is also a good hand at housework.

The five old ladies with different life circumstances reproduce the figures of many mothers in their lives. As producer Wang Hantao said, this is a gift for all mothers.

The gold medal team escorts and escorts them to create high-quality realistic dramas with ingenuity

No matter how time changes, only by moving people with emotion can we truly enter the hearts of the people. Old people do not mean that they are boring in their old age. They can also be full of vitality, have abundant emotions and enjoy life with an open-minded attitude. This perspective can be said to be an old version of Ode to joy. However, the reflection of "old lady" is about providing for the aged, the communication between two generations, and the separation and separation in life, which directly faces the complex social problems, freezes the daily life of ordinary people, and draws a warm picture of human fireworks.

In addition to the drama, old lady has a gold medal team. Director Qiao Liang has directed many quality works. "New door son-in-law", "what's new to save you, my love" and "my wife wants to get married" are all characterized by distinctive directing style, wandering narrative expression, sincere warmth and touching people's hearts. In 2017, he won the highest award of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival - St. George's Gold Award for best film by directing the plot film "highland".

The creative team also uses the film level. Yuan Jiaping, the director of photography, has successively worked as a photographer for many works, such as "my French years", "love in my life", "Yan Xiang", TV series "four thousand gold" and "love beyond the cage". The costume modeling team is from the No.7 Laboratory of many urban dramas, such as beishangguang does not believe in tears, good sir, surgical storm, southern arbor, love evolution theory and so on; Yan Fei, the lighting guide of the big battle for marriage proposal and Daming Palace CI; Luo Mengjing, the art director of dongxie Xidu and Da Nei spy zero and zero hair; if you are the one, and murder is like water Li Hui, the props master of love and breakup master, will join us.

The producer of "old lady" is a young team. With the post-80s as the main force, they are determined to polish out a high-quality realistic drama. Talking about the original intention of the creation, producer Wang Hantao said: 'I hope this work can bring more enlightenment to young people, face up to their relationship with their parents, so as to understand their parents better. "It is understood that star star pictures will also focus on building the" old lady "brand, developing film, slow variety reality show, documentary and other related series, so as to arouse the attention of all walks of life to the youth at dusk with its unique style.