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The latest plot of the inner beauty of Korean Drama

Haige entertainment news, Korean dramas can always see more and more like the plot, the character is also shaped a sense of hierarchy, at the beginning so annoying people, also began to like more and more. For example, the internal beauty of the recently popular Korean drama can be said to be a very popular play. It has to be said that the plot of the whole play is also very novel. Both men and women are old actors, and they are very good at acting. And many people want to know what the latest plot is like? Let the editor tell you.

One of the reasons why I love Korean dramas is that the acting skills of the actors are not bad, and the translation of lines is also appropriate. This is mainly due to the language and culture. Sometimes the plot is bloody, but the performance makes people feel empathy and beat the stick.

Our hostess and our representative Liu and Liu Enhao have always been good friends, and these two friends have always been with the Korean world. It is precisely with the existence of these two good friends that our world has not been hit by the change of face in the end, in order to live so happy.

In the previous plot, our mother died in Korea. Our world is still very sorry for mom MD's death. We know that mom MD is running out of time and should be with mom MD. however, due to the change of her face, there is no way to accompany mom in a fair and aboveboard way. We can only spend time at home.

When our world is not around our mother, it is our representative Liu to accompany mom MD instead of the world. But when the world received the news from Liu that her mother was seriously ill, she could no longer stay at home. The world immediately ran to the hospital, looking at the weak mother in front of her, holding her MD hand in both hands, her eyes began to turn red.

When we held our mother's funeral, our world did not change back, so in the first half of the period, our representative Liu and Liu Enhao helped to preside over the MD funeral of the world mother. Yes, how can our world survive without these two friends?

In this episode, the secret of our world is discovered by the actress Cai Yuli. She infers the secret that the world will change according to all kinds of signs of our world. Although our world denies it, Cai Yuli is not reluctant to threaten the world and let her and herself participate in reality show to prove themselves.

As we all know, the world can never go to this reality show, because the face change of the world is in front of us. But Cai Yuli was very cunning to release the news that the world was going to participate in the program. Under this situation, our world could be said to be in a dilemma, but our representative Liu said that he had a way.

what can she do? Liu's method is actually to sacrifice ourselves. As long as the news of their car accident is released, no one will question the reason why the world does not participate in this interview. In order to make this news true, our representative Liu really went to have a car accident and hit a tree. Now he is still in a coma.

Our representative Liu, for the sake of the world, even did not hesitate to make his own car accident. And our world is very sorry for Liu's ability to save himself. Even after he changed his body, he left home. No one can find korean world. This sister's affectionate appearance really makes people hate Cai Yuli more.