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Wu Jingyan imitates Zhu Bishi? Luo Zhixiang commented that she was the best dancer

Haige entertainment news: according to Taiwan media reports, Wu Jinyan and Xu Kai recently visited Taiwan, especially in entertainment 100%. Wu Jinyan, a primary school dancer, challenged the human body dance machine in "yubai", danced the popular song "little apple" and imitated Zhu Bishi's "why do you?" the lovely movements and precise dance steps copied by God made Luo Zhixiang, the original singer on the side, boasted: "after seeing so many people dance this one, she dances best!"

Luo Zhixiang had previously made a spoof of Er Qing's' Pai Pai 'film of "Yanxi strategy", and the click rate of self mockery was higher than that of his previous MV. After that, he imitated Er Qing in the program again and reinterpreted the wonderful part of Fu Heng asking about Er Qing's pregnancy with Xu Kai. Luo Zhixiang enters the play in an instant. His emotional exaggeration makes Xu Kai laugh. Luo Zhixiang even shouts to Erqing: "see? You should act like this!

Because shooting a costume drama requires shaving his hair, Xu Kai confesses that sometimes he has to shave again after taking off his headgear at noon. Luo Zhixiang asks, "how can you persuade yourself to take this play?" Xu Kai laughs back: "I didn't convince him. I collapsed. I didn't convince myself, so I got used to it. "Wu Jinyan also added more information, because the ultraviolet radiation is very strong in summer, and Xu Kai, wearing a headgear, once had his head half tanned and half white