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Xue Jianing's amazing appearance on red carpet black dress full of mystery

On the evening of November 8, Xue Jianing was invited to attend the ONLYLADY 2018 fashion show. She was dressed in Queen & quo; S Palace black tulle dress appeared on the scene of the event. The long hair shawl is elegant, romantic and sexy. The graceful legs are covered by the perspective light yarn. It looms under the skirt, creating a dreamlike mistaking effect. Her two signature dimples and elegant make-up make the whole person more beautiful and moving. Xue Jianing is charming and eye-catching.

Recently, Xue Jianing participated in Zhejiang satellite TV's I am an actor. Pay homage to Director Wang Xiaoshuai's classic work "left and right" emotional interpretation is very distracted. After watching her performance, not only many tutors were moved by her, but also many netizens said they were moved by Xue Jianing's acting skills.