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"Captain" Liu Jinze's new song "hourglass" officially launched

On November 9, shortly after the "break up" was launched, mengxiang's original musician Liu Jinze's new song "hourglass" was officially launched. "Hourglass" was created by producer Huang Yang with lyrics still completed by Su Jianxun and composed by Liu Jinze. The song continues the captain's gentle writing style of vicissitudes. From the perspective of the hourglass, the song reflects the loss of the toss and heartbreak incisively and vividly.

"Hourglass" is a metaphor, using hourglass to describe the passage of time vividly is almost the finishing touch of the whole song: quicksand turns into stone, I also get rusty, and you can't put down the disappearing tenderness. Even if time goes by and the hourglass has rusted, you still can't sleep at night, and her tenderness can't be put in your heart. This kind of description from the side can better reflect the psychology of one of them who can't let go of his heart like a knife after his feelings split. In addition, Liu Jinze's voice line with a sense of vicissitudes makes the whole song silent and painful. With the advance of the music rhythm, the personified hourglass tells the truth of love: love is always attached at the beginning, and time gradually peels off the ending. Only time is the best antidote to love.

"The subway at 10:30" creates a real segment of the subway, which can touch the imagination space of the audience and the real story of ordinary people; grandma selects the memories of seeing off the train that many people have experienced, and uses swallows as the symbol of 'home', which creates the warmth of the next generation that most people will have. Liu Jinze has always brought a simple and vicissitudes image to the public. His secure appearance and deep charming voice make it difficult for people not to be hypnotized by him. He has always been good at telling the true story of the adult world. He can touch the sensitive nerves of the audience every time and let people immerse themselves in the emotional world created by him.