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The fifth heavyweight drama of LV Jiarong in 2018 will be on Youku

LV Jiarong is a high-quality actress who is good at planning strategies. This year, she has launched four major dramas, such as "live more and more vigorously", "marry the scenery", "see each other like the first time" and "execute the sword". All of them have achieved very good results and become the "Queen of TV series" in the entertainment industry. Now LV Jiarong's fifth heavyweight drama "my nanny manual" will also land in Youku, which is bound to continue her screen dominating moment!

Lu Jiarong incarnates as the goddess of positive energy

"More alive, more vigorous" is an urban light comedy, which is also the first TV series that LV Jiarong jumped into the comedy world. For her, she is full of novelty and challenge. In the play, she plays a humorous and witty beauty boss Zhou Huan. She is not only dutiful to employees and good at listening to staff's opinions, but also treats strangers politely. When her car is scraped, she is not the first time It is the person who loves his car, but the person who has an accident. He has delivered a positive energy of inspiration to the society, which has greatly aroused the favor of the audience.

New height of Lu Jiarong's acting skills

"Grand wedding of scenery" is a youth inspirational drama. Ning Xin, as played by LV Jiarong, is a professional woman struggling in the first tier cities. Her strong and independent personality makes her strong and has unlimited pursuit of love and career. Although the road is bumpy and bumpy all the way out of the predicament, she finally has a fruitful love career. Lu Jiarong shows Ning Xin, a strong and struggling professional woman, perfectly, and once again the audience is impressed by her superb performance.

Lu Jiarong's "the first beauty of the Republic of China" is deeply rooted in the novel "if we meet at the beginning"

Lu Jiarong, who came out of the great drama of the Republic of China, has long received the title of "the first beauty of the Republic of China". However, her performance in "if we meet at the beginning" makes her "the first beauty of the Republic of China" deeply rooted. Lu Jiarong plays min Hongyu, the first famous actress in Jiangzuo. She is dignified and elegant, but extraordinary and refined. Her cheongsam is even more dazzling. Her super plasticity interprets a graceful Jiangzuo famous actress, which makes the audience unforgettable!

In the sword of execution, Lu Jiarong, the most beautiful executive judge, governs all kinds of rogues

"Sword of execution" is the first TV drama with the theme of execution in China. It is full of passion for LV Jiarong, who is the only one who chooses the main beam. She plays an executive female judge of the special execution office. She is upright and upright. Facing all kinds of rogues and lawbreakers, she has more fighting wits and courage. She has won numerous favorable comments from the audience with persistent attitude, which is called "the most beautiful" Female judges'!

"My nanny's Manual" Lu Jiarong acts as gold broker

"My nanny manual" is LV Jiarong's fifth big play released this year. It will land in Youku on November 12. LV Jiarong will play the role of agent LAN LAN for the first time. As an actress, she must have a lot of experience and understanding of 'agent', so she can also have a good performance in my nanny manual. Let's look forward to it.