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After "Wei Wei", Zheng Shuang's new play has landed on Youku again. Will the 20 billion broadcast mi

Zheng Shuang is a popular flow floret in the entertainment circle. The flow and popularity strength can not be underestimated. Therefore, every time a new play or a new work is released, people will pay special attention to it, even once on the microblog hot search. Recently, the new play "my nanny's Manual" led by Zheng Shuang and indipa & middot; Tani and Lu Jiarong has been officially put on Youku's file. It is her first work to participate in the screenwriting, and its attention has soared.

Why do you say that? Because Zheng Shuang's youth idol drama "a smile is falling city" released by Youku before easily won 20 billion times of play, which can be said to be an amazing audience. But after the broadcast of "summer solstice" and "for you I would like to love the whole world" did not achieve such good ratings. The upcoming "my nanny's Manual" is another visit to Youku video after "a smile makes the city fall", so many netizens said: will this 20 billion play miracle still come?

"My nanny's Manual" is a TV series that the audience has been looking forward to for a long time. The play integrates various elements such as high-tech, fashion, love, entertainment circle, etc., and the theme is quite novel. In terms of the cast, not only Zheng Shuang, a little flower of traffic, was the number one female; indipa & bull; Tani, the God brother of Thailand, was the No. 1 male; Lu Jiarong, a film and television actor, was also the female No. 2. See such a huge cast, make netizens call: this play stay up all night to chase!

Zheng Shuang plays AI smart girl Saori, looks innocent and simple, but has the mind of ghost horse spirit. After experiencing many tests, she successfully became the full-time nanny of Su DAHAO (indipa & bull; Tani). At first, she was disliked by Su DAHAO because of her ancient spirit, and even got rid of her family for a time. But after two people get along with each other day and night, Su DAHAO gradually recognized Saori and gradually developed feelings.

LAN LAN, played by LV Jiarong, is a gold medal agent in the performing arts circle. She is a strong woman with professional ability and dedication. Su Hao is the most outstanding masterpiece of Lu Jiarong. And she will not tolerate her own artists and their choice of nannies have feelings, this is not lifting a stone to hit their own feet? Lu Jiarong always reminds Saori to pay attention to her identity as a boss, but she never knows that she has fallen in love with Su Hao. The emotional rivalry between LV Jiarong and Zheng Shuang is the biggest attraction of the whole play. What kind of love duel will they play?

Although LV Jiarong has performed many works, it is the first time that she acts as such a strong agent. I believe that the youth idol drama "my nanny manual" will bring us many surprises. Let's wait and see!