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Net red product mandelin this time under the blood? Lu Jiarong is invited to advertise. Can the publ

Now we are more and more aware of skin care, especially in the care of hair. But in the face of a wide range of goods, how to choose a suitable product has become a difficult problem. At this time, people will generally consider some products recommended by beauty bloggers and stars, because these products are after all tested by themselves and relatively reliable.

Because of this, a large number of "online red products" and "star same model" were born. Among these products, there are some good things that work very well and deserve to start with, such as the recently popular mandeline shampoo. Mandeline is a professional and healthy shampoo. It is imported from Germany, with weak acidity and no silicone oil formula. It can effectively improve multiple problems such as hair loss, dandruff and itching, dryness and irritability, knot bifurcation and scalding damage. It can be said that it is a set of full effect shampoo.

In order to let more friends know mandelin, this time she invited domestic popular actress LV Jiarong to publicize it. Lu Jiarong is a dedicated and powerful actress who plays many popular roles. Recently, she planted grass on her microblog and mandelin shampoo is also with a sincere attitude, and she makes great efforts to recommend it.

She also said: This product is very versatile, the effect of care is very good. Because she often has to do her hair styling, her hair is very dry, and mandelin contains rich biological protease and rose liquid, which can repair the wet and damaged hair to the maximum extent. Lu Jiarong no matter how to toss her hair, as long as there is mandelin around, the expert can rest assured.

Can the public afford such products? Many netizens have also considered this problem, after all, we all feel that the price of products used by stars is certainly not low. However, it is not always the case. Many stars in the entertainment industry like to use some cheap skin care products, such as Yang Mi, Jingtian, Lin Yun, etc. And the mandelin recommended by LV Jiarong this time also belongs to the 'parity department', and specially explains that it is very suitable for the student party.