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Did Lu Jiarong make an advertisement on her microblog? Netizen: have you used mandelin shampoo recom

It's the season of dry skin and dry hair. Many female friends are worried about their hair. However, looking around, the hair quality of the entertainment stars is not affected by autumn at all, and it is still bright and smooth. At this time, many friends will be private letter actress, ask them for a suitable shampoo.

Recently, Lu Jiarong, a popular actress in the mainland, has often received private letters from fans asking her what shampoo she used to make her hair so soft and glossy. And LV Jiarong is also very considerate of fans. She planted a shampoo on Weibo, which is especially suitable for netizens with dry hair. This mandelin shampoo can be said to be the mother of dry hair and dry hair, which makes many netizens directly say: this advertisement is really hard!

Because LV Jiarong usually takes part in a variety of activities and films, her hair is often tossed. However, mandelin shampoo, which grows grass by LV Jiarong, contains expensive silk protein and amino acid surface activity. Her hair can absorb rich nutrients to the greatest extent. After washing the hair, the scalp can feel very fresh, and the hair is also very smooth, in winter with hair care oil can effectively improve static electricity, is her very satisfied with the shampoo brand. Therefore, Lv Jiarong also called on friends with dry hair to come to pull grass quickly!

Moreover, LV Jiarong, a shampoo, has been tested to be effective, and has posted a photo of herself on her microblog. In order to let everyone have a better understanding of this product, LV Jiarong squeezed some protein amino acid shampoo on her hand, which not only has a fresh texture, but also can control oil, relieve itching and remove dandruff. It's the gospel of poor hair quality! At the same time, we can clearly see that the concentrated hair cream can be drawn, silk protein is delicate and silky, it is mild and non irritating to wash, so the quality is very good.

From the appearance point of view, mandelin shampoo packaging is diverse, very delicate, there are 'slender' type, also have 'short fat type', very cute and convenient. This time there will be netizens will say: such a good shampoo must be very expensive. Lu Jiarong also patiently explained to fans that mandelin's shampoo is a popular product with a price close to the people, which is very suitable for the student party. And after use, the hair can stay fragrant for a long time. See LV Jiarong's careful answer, netizens are determined to buy a set!

Some friends who are ready to start don't know how to buy this shampoo. At this time, it's time for LV Jiarong's fan group to play a role, and immediately found the store's wechat to lead everyone to pull weeds together! However, some netizens still have doubts, because the brand 'mandelin' is not heard much, so some netizens commented on LV Jiarong's microblog: have you used mandelin shampoo recommended by her?