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Bai Chen and his brother group hcboys are humorous and honest

Recently, the popular suspense action network drama "fierce city" has gained the public's unanimous praise and good reputation. As a tough guy's masterpiece that shows male hormones, the fighting drama in the film is well-made and the plot is closely linked. The audience has joined the pursuit drama group one after another. With the character 'Xiao Wu (as high as Ting's role)' offline, the plot also opened a new situation. As a new generation of powerful actor in the first show of the TV series, Bai Chen plays the younger brother of "following Luo Jia (Li Guanguang)", leading his two brothers into the Seven Star society, and embarking on a loyal journey of "fierce city tfboys". With the deepening of the plot, Chi Tang's rich and three-dimensional character has been further rooted in the hearts of the people. His humorous character and honest and kind conduct have been recognized by the audience, and Bai Chen's precise performance has gradually been praised by the public.

Bai Chen takes on the role of humorous hcboys

As soon as "Chi Tang" played by Bai Chen appeared, he successfully joined the door of "Luojia" and showed the loyalty and courage of the eldest brother. Besides, the "hcboys" composed of him and his two younger brothers unexpectedly became the funny responsibility in the play. The interaction between the three and several big brothers of the Seven Star society was hilarious. For example, Chi Tang led his younger brother barehanded when he was training in Laobai's bath. When he saw the embarrassing scene of scolding Lao Bai in front of him, he had to dive into the water and even claimed that he had seen nothing. One of his younger brothers was beaten hard as an accompanist to vent his anger because he was amused by his girlfriend Yu Yongyi, the vice president of star club, received a call from the elder brother in the game to urge him to form a group to fight. When he looked up, he found that the elder brother in the game was actually a younger brother of Chi Tang, and several people looked at each other. Chi Tang tried to hold back his efforts to keep himself from laughing. Then the three brothers ran away in dismay, leaving Yu Yongyi embarrassed and smiling bitterly When Luojia wants to persuade Bai Zhenhe to take advantage of Chi Tang's favorite girl's house to demolish Dingsheng he's casino, Chi Tang gets up in a hurry and says to his elder brother in a voice of gratitude and apology: "brother, you don't have to do this.". All these add a lot of relaxed elements to the intense and exciting plot. The fierce city hcboys headed by "Chi Tang" is worthy of its name.

Bai Chen's acting skills are exquisite, and the characters are vivid and three-dimensional

Bai Chen uses his excellent acting skills to interpret the full character of Chi Tang, which is rich, vivid and three-dimensional. Chi Tang, with his two younger brothers, broke their fingers and made inscriptions to worship Luojia. Luojia was moved by his justice and courage and was brought under his command. When the elder brother is in trouble and his brother is in danger, Chi Tang always rushes to the front without hesitation, always supporting the elder brother and protecting the younger brother. Without a word, Bai Chen shows Chi Tang's loyalty deeply. At the same time, the fierce city hcboys, which is composed of him and his two younger brothers, is humorous and witty, which also leaves a deep impression on the audience. When he encounters a change in his favorite girl's home, Chi Tang's recklessness is another kindness and innocence that Bai Chen gives to this role in addition to the righteousness in the world. It is reported that this week's "fierce city" will come to an end, and we are looking forward to Bai Chen's bringing more highlights to the play.