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Xing Zhaolin's "two generations of beloved concubines 2" is watched by the leading eight princes of

At present, the popularity of "two generations of beloved concubine 2" starred by Xing Zhaolin has not decreased for two weeks, with a daily broadcast volume of 130 million. It has been on the top of the list for 9 days and has become the highest topic and popularity Series in the whole network. With this play, the hero Xing Zhaolin has also successfully topped the list of multiple data lists, and has become a hot topic figure in microblog for many times. His acting skills and strength are both good, and Xing Zhaolin is using it Movement proves the attitude of actors to speak with works in the age of flow.

The eight princes, played by Xing Zhaolin, return to the ancient Dongyue kingdom from modern times for various reasons. Unexpectedly, as like as two peas in the East Yue Kingdom, eight of the two kings were exactly alike. The modern ink city was designed to prevent the tragedy from repeating itself again. It became a counselor by the eight kings, and shared the government's interests in give advice and suggestions, which was very much appreciated by eight kings.

However, the good time is not long. Mo Liancheng is suspicious of the eighth Lord because he is very fond of his maid. The suspicious eighth Lord gets angry when he learns that someone 'pretends' to be close to Qu Xiaotan. However, Mo Liancheng's suspicious behavior makes him the number one suspect of eight Wangye. As for Machiavellism and trust, these two eight princes are both vivid and individual by Xing Zhaolin. One is mature and steady, the other is affectionate and a little mischievous. Such a careful small setting reflects Xing Zhaolin's understanding and interpretation of the roles. The propriety must be properly handled in order to make the actors and the audience enjoy the performance, and these are also the plays Xing Zhaolin shows us the plasticity as an actor.

On the other hand, under the suspicion of the eighth prince, Mo Liancheng defuses the crisis tactfully and has a chance to get along with Qu Xiaotan alone. Undoubtedly, Mo Liancheng's face changing skill will leak out when it meets water. On an outing, Mo Liancheng falls into the water to protect Qu Xiaotan. Qu Xiaotan can see the true face of Mo Liancheng. Finally, they meet in Dongyue and look for it again Back to each other, at the moment when the audience cheered for their reunion, their sweet interaction made the eighth Prince jealous, and their situation became more and more difficult. The interaction between the two eight princes in the play also surprised the audience: "it is suggested to add drama to eight Wangye and moliancheng, and let them form a CP alone.".

Xingzhaolin's ancient costume idol drama "two generations of beloved concubines 2" is on the air. There is no pressure to pursue the drama with one button. Come and dominate Dongyue together with the eighth prince to win love.