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Take oxygen in mushroom house! I'm going to enlarge the move

"Watch out" is produced by Daqian film, blue sky media and Fengdao culture! I'm going to enlarge the show "iqiyi was launched exclusively at 12:00 today (October 30). This play is set in Tonglu, the shooting place of the second season of "yearning for life". In the familiar mushroom house, it tells you different warm stories.

This cookbook wakes up the city people's yearning for life

Be careful! I want to enlarge my recruitment. "I told Zhao Xiaoxin, a dream of becoming a cartoonist who was crushed by reality." Liu Yase, who had experienced the disappointment of love and workplace, came to seek a cure because of a public official account. Here, she happens to meet Fang Dazhao (Zhao Chengyu), the boss of B & B who is not decent in appearance but sensitive and kind in heart. The housekeeper, who had a headache because of the cook's departure, met the kitchen girl who had been sent to the house. A wonderful healing "food" light began. In this small world, this pair of joyous enemies have gained love, friendship, sincerity and growth in the process of encountering various new challenges. Behind every dish in the play, there is an ordinary but deep-seated story. The intense collision between the persistent pursuit of dreams and the family affection that is hard to give up is mixed with the intimate feelings with small thoughts that are hard to be revealed, and the memories of the first love that can't be recalled no matter how beautiful they are. These real-life stories are concentrated and fermented in this small courtyard, without deep preaching and lengthy philosophy. In this delicious adventure, Zhao Xiaoxin and Fang Dazhao witness the healing power of delicious food from the perspective of their twenties, and constantly realize their own growth in the process of healing others. Harvest food, but also harvest love. In the main line of the plot, which is connected by emotion and food, we face the emotional relationship between people from the perspective of youth, and use the power of food to fill the cracks in people's hearts about family affection, friendship and love. Farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city and return to the tranquility of the countryside. Be careful! The story of "I'm going to enlarge it" takes place in Tonglu County, Zhejiang Province, where the second season of "yearning for life" was filmed. When watching the program, although the audience yearns for it, they may feel that they have no chance to live such a life there. Compared with the alienation of variety shows, the presentation of TV series can make the audience have a more real sense of substitution, so it is real and close to nature. It is reported that as an online drama with food as its theme, the food shooting in the drama also takes great efforts. Both in shooting techniques and food selection, the intention of this online drama is reflected. Take shufulei, the first delicacy in the play, as an example. "In twelve flavors of food, Nicholas Tse said it was very difficult to make, just like a woman. From another perspective, this fleeting delicacy is said to have something to do with the extravagant social ethos of medieval France, and represents the inevitable collapse of & lsquo; over inflated nihilism;. In the play, for those young people wandering in the city, reality is like air, which will make unrealistic dreams and escapist attitude collapse into mud. The choice of kitchenware also shows the careful selection of the production team. For example, the popular gourmet Japanese TV series "wanghongxue pan" also appears in this drama. What this cheap and high-quality pot conveys is a kind of intimacy that has never gone far away. When watching the careful cooking of ordinary ingredients, the audience can also yearn for such cooking time.

This online drama invites you to "inhale oxygen"

Be careful! "I'm going to enlarge the move" is starred by new generation actors Zhao Yase and Zhao Chengyu. Liao Juntao, a popular contestant of "the son of tomorrow", plays the role of friendship. As an online drama with the core content of food healing, it has made the concept of the first "oxygen inhalation" online drama.

What's an oxygen play? At present, there is a word called 'suffocation'. Busy work and fast-paced life often make people feel tired, but there is no time and opportunity to relax at any time. So there is a sentence that people often hang in their mouths: "suffocating.". Think about it. How long have we not breathed the air in the woods and heard the wind in the mountains. When you read such a poem, can you quickly find a picture that matches it. Be careful! I'm going to enlarge it. The cure home stay is located in such a country with bamboo forest, tea garden, clear stream and rolling wheat wave. Standing here, the oxygen is sufficient, just like soaking in the body from the skin. The picture is fresh, and the plot is also fresh. Compared with the routine youth dramas that make the audience tired, be careful! I'm going to magnify my moves. "There's no blood, Marissa and youth pain. There's no intrigue and intrigue. Not dark, not decadent. Totally zero negative energy, creating a zero pressure experience for the audience.

Plain and elegant pastoral life, into the comic style of youth comedy elements. Food and emotion help to warm up, so that the tired day audience can relax and follow the drama like a bedtime story, creating a space for us to relax and breathe oxygen for years, which is oppressed by life and work.

How to 'inhale oxygen'? --She's a million of me in my life

The heroine Zhao Xiaoxin is us in real life: get up early and get lost in the busy urban life. I have suffered from misfortune in my life. I have been forced to endure injustice in the workplace, but my deep feelings have been betrayed. I am tired and lying in a disordered room. It seems that the whole world is living well, and only I have lost to the extreme. So she took her paintbrush and went to the homestay in the countryside to look for a cure for delicious food. Zhao Xiaoxin, who lost to the extreme, is my dream to bid farewell to the city and go to a poetic place to find a cure. 'be a cartoonist' and 'live in a place as beautiful as poetry'. It is a dream that many people once had and still yearn for. Cartoonist is a free and romantic career. The countryside in Linzhong is a picture of elegance and delicacy is a rich and full force. The series of the three is a fairy tale life that countless audiences yearn for. Here, Zhao Xiaoxin, the innocent but not silly woman, cooks delicious food while painting the love story of rabbit and monkey. It seems that the villain loves to play a garrulous role, but his heart is delicate and kind-hearted. Fang Dazhao is wearing household clothes, wearing a flip-flop and holding a dog in his arms. Welcome every visitor warmly. The pastoral life of seclusion is full of human feelings and fireworks, which enhances the audience's sense of substitution. Compared with the forced sense of substitution imposed on the audience, this non oppressive substitution is an independent substitution when the audience feels comfortable and relaxed, which makes people feel happy and achieves the effect of 'oxygen inhalation'.

Empathy, is this your youth

The beauty, food and comics, music, these youth elements of the "careful! I want to enlarge the move ", enough to arouse the resonance of all post-80s and post-90s. Zhao Yaser, who plays the heroine Zhao Xiaoxin. He had short hair, short hair and ordinary clothes. He had no luxury ornaments all over his body. Cooking food, creating comics. It's the real look of youth. Zhao Chengyu, who plays the leading role of Fang Da Zhao. The big boy next door is as careless as his character, but his heart is gentle and delicate. Flip flops, loose home clothes. It's the most handsome appearance of youth. Liao Juntao, a musical talent who plays Niu Ge in friendship. Driving cattle carts in the countryside, playing the piano and singing. Is the most wanton appearance of youth. Every dish in the play has a real picture of the production process. The cartoon image of the heroine Zhao Xiaoxin 'creation' also appears in each episode in the form of animation. The cute and playful cartoon image adds a lot of childish interest and romance to the plot. In addition, "be careful! "I'm going to enlarge the move" also creatively added CG animation characters' happy garlic 'and' bereaved Ginger '. Through the concrete expression of the unique image of food materials, Zhao Xiaoxin's inner entanglement and struggle in the process of healing others and self healing are described in a lively and loving way. We should face the emotional relationship between people from the perspective of youth, and use the power of food to fill the cracks in people's hearts about family affection, friendship and love. Be careful! Zhao Linlin, the producer of "I want to enlarge the move", said that in addition to the plot that can arouse wide empathy, excellent production and unique creative CG expression have opened up a new world of healing online drama.

Food, beauty, comics, pets, emotions, this show has all the healing factors you need. Be careful! I want to enlarge the move "has officially landed in iqiyi at 12 o'clock today. Two episodes are updated every Tuesday, so members can watch the full episode first.