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Take stock of the most powerful acting skills in movies and TV series! Zhao Liying explodes first, Z

"Acting" is one of the most basic conditions for a qualified actor. Nowadays, there are a lot of new film and television talents in the entertainment industry. There are many stars whose acting skills are not qualified. Today, let's take a look at the outstanding actresses in the entertainment industry who can conquer the audience with acting skills: Zhao Liying, Zhou Xun and LV Jiarong Triple A!

Zhao Liying is not a professional student, but she has super professional acting skills

As we all know, after seven years of acting, Zhao Liying has a more explosive acting skills than the class background. In the biography of Chu Qiao, Chu Qiaolian's "eyes" are all plays. One expression can express the sadness, indignation and helplessness of her friends when they leave. Zhao Liying has created many successful characters with her most authentic performance, and 'Chuqiao' is one of the most classic characters. Next, Zhao Liying's new drama "you and I'll be on the double 11. Let's wait and see if she can continue the classic and create more brilliance!

Zhou Xun is a real-life 'acting textbook'

Zhou Xun needless to say, I believe everyone has already recognized her acting skills. For more than ten years, she has been popular with her excellent works. Zhou Xun once again won the audience's heart with his superb acting skills in the hit "Ruyi Zhuan" some time ago, and was called a real "acting textbook" by netizens. In the later stage of Ruyi Zhuan, Zhou Xun showed her acting strength perfectly. Her loneliness and helplessness could be displayed incisively and vividly with one action and one look, which made the audience feel deeply distressed. It can be said that Zhou Xun's acting skills are simply impeccable!

Lu Jiarong's strongest acting skills kill netizens: crying to the heart

Lu Jiarong is one of the few low-key and powerful actors in the entertainment industry. In the summer release of "executive sword", she once again conquered everyone with her palace level acting skills. She played the role of executive judge zuolin in the play. When she was cheated by her fiance, she was still forced not to cry in the taxi, although she was deeply hurt. That scene really infected many audiences and made netizens cry out: cry to the heart! No matter in her eyes or in her manner, she was so perfect. However, Lu Jiarong, who conquered the audience with acting skills, has a kind heart and has been committed to various public welfare activities, and has established a public image of an excellent actress.