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Sun dingdong joins the hilarious comedy at the start of the movie pig business

The movie "pig business is lucky" has been officially launched recently. The film tells a series of stories about Zhu Daji (played by Cheng ye), the owner of Jiaozi restaurant, who refuses to demolish his house. In the film, Chen Meili, played by sun dingdong, is Zhu Daji's wife. Although she has a strong personality, she is single-minded to Zhu Daji, and her husband and wife work together to overcome difficulties.

Sun dingdong, who graduated from the PLA Academy of Arts, has acted in many stage plays such as "field", "the Twelfth Night" and so on, with rich experience and sweet appearance. This time she joined the role of female No. 1 in the film "pig business is lucky" and it is her first challenge to comedy themed films. She said that she is very eager to present a new self for the audience.