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Qiu Lin, winner of "namo first class" C prize winner

Recently, the Tokyo Film Festival is in full swing in Japan, and many high-quality films and TV works in China have won many honors. For example, "animal world" and "I am not the God of medicine" and other well-known and hot cinema films not only make directors and actors shine, but also attract the attention of many foreign media;

Among them, the movie "namo No.1" starred by mainland Chinese actor Qiu Lin's partner, a newly popular young student Yang Juan, won the "most popular Award". Qiu Lin, as the No.1 female, has won the audience's admiration with her excellent acting skills. What a wonderful SKR!

At the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Film Festival, Qiu Lin appeared in a light blue starry evening dress. Her feminine charm and fresh and refined temperament immediately attracted the attention of the audience;

On the second day, Qiu Lin's latest film "namo No. 1" stood out at the Tokyo & middot; Japan China Film Festival in 2018 and won the most popular audience award. Qiu Lin was also invited to be the awarding guest of the event and presented the best director award to Japan.

That night, Qiu Lin dressed in a pure black lace dress appeared at the award ceremony. Her long hair was curled up, her makeup was simple and elegant, and she was a goddess of first love;

Qiu Lin, who has delicate features and outstanding temperament, has been exploring the essence of life in a series of processes, such as "Zhenzhen", who plays female No. 1 in the film "namo No. 1" from the small town to the prosperous city. Before shooting, Qiu Lin spent countless days and nights reading the whole script, trying to figure out the plot, straightening out the relationship between the characters and refining the depth of the characters;

In the real shooting, Qiu Lin was not afraid of hardship and impatience. He rehearsed, walked, discussed and performed over and over again. He treated every play with the attitude of striving for perfection until it was completed. The film also gave back everyone's contribution with the best face. The winning of the most popular Award for namo first class was the greatest affirmation to the creators, which proved that the film had full charm and attraction;

The film "namo Yideng" is another masterpiece after ten years of dormancy by the sixth generation director a Nian. It is supervised by Jia Zhangke, Gao Qunshu, Zhang Yang and Li Yang, and starred by Qiu Lin, Yang Xuan, GUI Yalei, Xu Caigen and Tao Huimin. In the film, Qiu Lin plays Zhenzhen, a small town girl who is about to enter the marriage palace. She and Xiao Sheng, the Male No.1 played by Yang, have lived through life in big cities After the twists and turns and mental pressure, he decided to return to his hometown and began to think and recall life;

This literary and artistic film explores the boundaries between people's life and spirit through Qiu Lin's and Yang's various experiences in life, and describes the life styles of men and women in modern cities from a small to a big one. It is worth seeing. In addition to the upcoming hit movie namo, the urban execution drama executive sword, starring Qiu Lin, has just finished;

Qiu Lin plays Joanna in the play, with flowing hair and graceful posture, which is very eye-catching. Despite her beautiful appearance, Wuli Anna is not an oil-saving lamp. She does things by all means to achieve her goal. Qiu Lin perfectly shows the modern "scheming girl" with delicate and vivid acting skills. The popularity of the play is rising, and the actors in the play have been confirmed God, Qiu Lin with this work circle powder countless;

It is believed that everyone is looking forward to Qiu Lin's interpretation of the seventy-two great changes from Joanna in the sword of execution to Zhenzhen, a young literary and artistic youth who returns to her original nature in the first class of namo. Although Qiu Lin has already participated in many film and television works, such as "red star shining on China", "my 1997", "Da Nei bodyguard" and "hip hop travels", she graduated from China Academy of traditional Chinese opera, and her acting skills are very mature, even "hot";

But in fact, Qiu Lin is a typical post-90s girl. She likes singing, dancing and laughing. She is also a fan. She often interacts with her fans in Weibo. As a fresh and artistic little sister, don't you pick it up?