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She Shiman, LV Jiarong and Qi Wei are more graceful and exquisite (picture and text)

Unconsciously, it has come to the end of October, and the temperature has gradually become cold with the pace of winter. Have you added beautiful autumn and winter clothes to your wardrobe? Some girls worry that they wear big zongzi in order to keep warm in autumn and winter. There are also girls who are worried that they can't learn to wear them. Don't worry. These goddesses in the entertainment industry use a group of street shots to teach you how to avoid looking too heavy in autumn and winter!

She Shiman's dark blue woolen overcoat

The princess Xian in "Yanxi strategy" makes the audience love, hate and love. She Shiman is not only the film queen of her performance, but also an invisible fashion expert. This woolen blue coat just sets off her maturity and steadiness. The waist design properly shows Ashe's thin waist and long legs. The necklace in front of the V-neck is a small skill she uses to decorate, making the overall shape look like It is not so heavy, but also adds a gentle feminine flavor. The black Plush high-heeled shoes with toes are also very playful. With her long black hair tied up, it instantly refines the taste of literary and artistic mature women.

Lu Jiarong becomes a goddess of delicacy

Actress Lu Jiarong has a certain position in the fashion circle. This suit is one of her most unique designs. Her upper body has both a shirt collar and a belt style corset. The tail of the dress belongs to the splicing style of different lengths. This dress is elegant and elegant, but also has a sense of seriousness. It is also very capable and casual. LV Jiarong's makeup is elegant and her hair style is elegant A pair of Star Earrings enhance women's charm as a whole. This combination of cool and beautiful clothing is the only choice for autumn and winter. LV Jiarong instantly turns into a goddess of delicacy, full of air.

'long legged' Qi Wei reappears in the dark glasses

Qi Wei's upright little sister's airport photo has become popular again. This time, she still shows her long legs. She uses black flared wide leg pants to lengthen her body line, which is quite worthy of the title of "long leg Jing" given by fans. In addition to her long legs, Qi Wei also deliberately shows her waist and is decorated with riveted messenger bags. The overall cool and domineering air comes out immediately, with black duck tongue In order to avoid a single black body, Qi Wei uses a pair of red sunglasses to break the visual effect, presenting a confident and lazy fashion sense.