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They have not been popular for many years! But with several national dramas, she won the first prize

The entertainment industry has such a group of people, they have super high appearance and superb acting skills, but lack of some opportunities, so that their debut has been tepid for many years. Among these stars, Song Yi, Wang ou and LV Jiarong are the most typical representatives. They have been in the performing arts circle for many years and have performed many works. However, with a few national dramas, they have taken the lead in women's No. 1 show, and now they have completed their performance!

Compared with the name of Song Yi, we are still more familiar with Yu Manli. Song Yi played the life and death partner of Ming Tai Yu Manli in the Spy Drama camouflage of the Republic of China. Her face was charming, bright and moving. However, her identity was a miserable female agent. She was betrayed mercilessly and died bravely for her country. Her death became the biggest tear in the whole drama, and many audiences wept. In fact, Song Yi is not the number one girl, but her brilliant performance is better than the heroine.

Since then, 'Yu Manli' has become a synonym for her, and has also ushered in a great turnaround in her career. In the hit "entrepreneurial era", Song Yi's acting skills once again crush female number one, shaping the character of Wendy, a strong professional woman. Although Wendy in the play is so hateful, it is enough to prove that the audience is convinced by Song Yi's acting skills.

Wang Ou is also one of the most famous women in disguise. Wang Ou plays the villain Wang Manchun in the play. She is the director of the Intelligence Department of the Wang puppet government. She has a bloody smell in her bones. She is cruel and inhuman. Because of Wang's high appearance and amazing dress up, he is the most beautiful villain even though he is bad! And in Hu Ge's transformation drama "Langya Bang", her cool and charming ancient costume modeling and straying acting skills once again surprised everyone, and now she has turned into one of the hottest actresses in the entertainment industry.

Lu Jiarong is also a powerful actor who has been on the road for many years. She has acted in many TV dramas with good ratings, such as "red arrow", "angel's happiness" and "Yuanlai happiness". However, it has always been a popular one. But who dares to say that only female No. 1 is in the limelight? Lu Jiarong took the part of the female second in the two national heartrending emotional dramas "splendid adventure" and "life like the first meeting", but succeeded in winning the leading lady's spotlight. Both Yin Mingzhu and min Hongyu have become classics in the audience's mind.

With the popularity of the two roles, Lu Jiarong has risen rapidly in the entertainment industry, and staged the CCTV drama "executive sword" this year. In the play, Lu Jiarong chooses the beam to play the role of the executive judge Zuo Lin. she is calm and impartial in law enforcement. She defends the dignity of the law with practical actions, and successfully circles the powder.

They are all relying on several national dramas to seize the limelight of female No. 1. Now they finally turn over to be known to all, realizing a perfect counter attack!