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Analysis of fashion week star list! Chen Zhipeng releases Xu Weizhou circle powder

On October 25, 2018 Fashion Night gathered all the major flow of small students in the entertainment industry, and the stars on the red carpet showed their styles and clothes to their heart's content. It can be said that they have their own swings. Every year, there will always be a "red and black list" on the fashion show. This year is no exception. For example, Zhou Dongyu and Chen Zhipeng have stepped on the "black list" with their sharp clothes. At the same time, the styles of Xu Weizhou and LV Jiarong have been recognized by the public and have successfully entered the red list. So let's have a look at their performance at fashion week!

Chen Zhipeng's role in Peking Opera

Chen Zhipeng, who recently appeared in the public eye with various sharp shapes, appeared in Wuhan fashion week again in a big red dress on the evening of 25th. His subversive modeling immediately caught the attention of the audience. Under the background music "when love has become a thing of the past", some netizens commented that he might be paying homage to Zhang Guorong Chi Bun's exaggerated shape is still Tucao's "too flying self" and "too spicy eyes". Do you make complaints about whether he is one of the active tiger teams?

Zhou Dongyu's "Maid Dress" hot search

Recently, after Zhou Dongyu participated in the fashion night, a topic of "Zhou Dongyu's modeling" immediately became a hot topic on Weibo. On the red carpet, Zhou Dongyu wore a black maid's dress, two big bows on his chest and bright rose red high-heeled shoes on his feet. His friends commented on the dress up one after another: clearly, he can walk a pure and pure route. This time, Zhou Dongyu can walk a pure route Is rain's stylist offline!

Xu Weizhou uses simple stripes to build a light and familiar man's fashion sense

Xu Weizhou appeared in Paris fashion week. His upper body is very eye-catching with his thin wide stripe coat and V-shaped lining. He is cool and handsome in simplicity. With black casual pants and black leather shoes, he successfully creates the exclusive charm of a light mature man. His appearance belongs to the category of "more products are more durable", especially when he combs his hair, he is more energetic and energetic. When he laughs, he is very amiable I really want to get close to him. While his body is symmetrical, he also looks strong and healthy. Xu Weizhou's collocation makes people unconsciously be surrounded by powder!

Lu Jiarong shows up in Fashion Week

Lu Xian's dress was not only the highlight of her dress, but also the part of the dress that Lu Xian wore in front of the fashion show The list is also justifiable.