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Kou Zhenhai's "I am an actor" creates the image of the empty nest old man

The variety show "I am an actor" launched by Zhejiang satellite TV is on the air. In the program to be broadcasted on October 27 (this Saturday), Kou Zhenhai, a powerful actor who will appear as a supporting guest, will join hands with actors such as Jin Shijia to present a big family drama about the relationship between father and son.

Kou Zhenhai's incarnation of sick old man's reversion leads to hot comments

Once broadcast, this program has attracted the attention of the industry, and the actor's performance has become a hot topic again. It is reported that in the program, Kou Zhenhai will play an ordinary old man suffering from Alzheimer's disease. It can be seen from the stills that he is dressed in simple clothes and seems to have friction with Jin Shijia's son. What kind of story will be unfolded between the two can not help but be expected.

In the past impression of the audience, most of the roles played by Kou Zhenhai are tall and serious father image. This time he joined "I am an actor", he broke through the inherent impression, and caused many netizens' attention and discussion about Alzheimer's disease with his own performance. The reversal of the role has become the biggest attraction of this performance.

Join in to challenge the live performance

As an old artist, Kou Zhenhai interprets many works on the screen and on the screen. In love deep in the rain, he is commander Lu Zhenhua, the powerful and influential "black leopard". In the "golden powder family", he also incarnates the shrewd and changeable Jin Quan. Although Kou Zhenhai has created many vivid characters, few of them have participated in variety shows. This invitation to join "I am an actor" has also made many audiences look forward to it.

Different from the shooting form of previous works, "I am an actor" adopts the mode of live performance competition, which not only tests the on-site performance of the actors, but also requires a high level of cooperation between the actors and their partners. The audience can intuitively feel the transformation of the actors' emotions, and the actors can timely receive the feedback from the audience and adjust the performance details. For Kou Zhenhai, who is used to the traditional shooting, he can also adjust the performance details It's also a new challenge. Let's wait and see what kind of state he will present this performance. Tomorrow night, Zhejiang satellite TV will be 20:15, and we'll wait for you to watch.