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Chiu Lin's debut in Tokyo Film Festival

On October 25, the opening ceremony of the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival opened in Tokyo's Roppongi. Mainland powerful actress Qiu Lin appeared on the red carpet of the opening ceremony with her latest film "namo No.1". On that day, Qiu Lin's makeup was simple and elegant. She was wearing a blue starry sky dress. She was full of Fairy Spirit. She was very touching with her smile and smile. She killed a lot of films.

The film "namo first class" tells a couple of men and women in Shanghai who are facing survival difficulties and rethink their feelings and life after returning to their hometown town. Directed by a Nian, the film is supervised by Jia Zhangke, Gao Qunshu, Zhang Yang and Li Yang. Qiu Lin plays Zhenzhen, No.1 woman. In order to present this role perfectly, Qiu Lin made a lot of efforts to make the girl's life and feelings fall and changes incisively and vividly after she returned to the small town.

When it comes to the role, Qiu Lin admits that there are still many differences between her real life and the reality in the film, but it's the difference that makes her feel very enjoyable. "In the film, Zhenzhen has a lot of inner struggles and changes. Sometimes, many emotions of the character are expressed only through one eye or an action, which tests the thickness of the actors in the performance. So I did A lot of preparation work. After playing this film, I have grown up a lot and I am looking forward to the day when I really meet the audience. '