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Chen Li Nong's strength in variety show "China Music bulletin board" relay "Hi roommate"

The fifth issue of "Hi roommate", a reality show launched at 12:00 p.m. on Wednesdays, has been broadcast, with a high degree of related topics. Chen Linong and his roommate Hu Xianxu are on the scene of a large-scale "mutual encounter." Jin Guanong's "counterattack" is just over for girls. "It makes people laugh and cry. In the latest program, Chen Li Nong is happy to mention that Uncle Wang has given his name cheers. He leaves Wang Yanlin with tears and goes on a magic dance "wild flowers"; happy house is in deep financial crisis, and Chen Li Nong performs "farm Metamorphosis", grabbing crabs with his bare hands, soothing lambs in fancy style, and showing his unique secret skill of grilling squid.

'farm metamorphosis'! Chen Li Nong: crab, shrimp and squid

Happy house is in financial crisis. All the staff go to the farm in the suburbs to earn living expenses. Chen Li Nong, Hu Xianxu and Shan Liang successfully set up the most popular "farm heaven group" in history. They successively unlock the skills of feeding piglets, bathing sheep, catching crabs and shrimps, fishing with bare hands, plowing and self-made barbecue, etc., and staged a "all-round metamorphosis of the farm". At the beginning of the sheep catching operation, Chen Li Nong started the 'fighting' state, and cooperated with the 'farm heaven Group' in an orderly and full of love. Facing the mischievous Lamb who wants to escape, Chen Li Nong turns into a tender and lovely "three-year-old Chen". He embraces and comforts the lamb in a colorful way: "how old are you this year? Your horn is so beautiful! It's OK to be good. This scene has made some audiences' jealous to the point of deformation ':'I want to grow a sheep's horn'; there are also many audiences who are impressed by the power of 'all-round farmer': 'farmers are really full of variety. They are so cute and terrifying, and they are completely fascinated by their kind and warm personality.' "After watching the program, Chen Li Nong won the show. He was good at laughing and doing things silently. He had a strong sense of variety. There was no burden of idols. He was a necessity at home." "Chen lining is really a source of happiness every Wednesday. There are still many other aspects I don't know about, such as trickster expert, cooking prince, housekeeper, farm expert, warm hearted animal keeper and Chen three years old ? '

After Hu Xianxu praised Nong's "homemade seasoning", Chen Li Nong once again showed his unique skill of grilling squid. The real skill of "Little Prince of squid" was praised by many people. People's feelings are growing. During the night talk on the campfire, farmers and farmers go to the heart to share their childhood memories, roast squid with their families and go fishing in the middle of the night. They express their gratitude: "thank you very much, especially for that time.". His sincerity and kindness also affected all the people present, triggering the reminiscence switch of roommates, chatting about their performance and life. Hu Xianxu played and sang to celebrate Chen Linong's hundred days' debut, and the atmosphere was extremely warm.

Attack the Chinese and foreign source list! Chen Linong's "I'm yours" has made great achievements

It is reported that in addition to "Hi roommate", Chen Li Nong will show his new song "I am your" on Friday night in China's first song playing variety show "China Music bulletin board". As Chen Li Nong's first Lyric hit, "I'm your" has been in the forefront of all major Chinese and foreign sources since it was published at 10:3 p.m. on October 3. "My yours" broke the one million sales volume of QQ music in 1 minute 03 seconds online, occupying the top 1 of the top selling day list of music peak list for 7 consecutive days, and the annual list also rose to the third place, ranking in the top 10 of the new song list for many consecutive days. In particular, in Korean music authoritative list MCD, Chen Li Nong's "I am your" likes to mention that China's weekly list ranks second, and has won many favorable comments. It is understood that the program will be broadcast in 13 countries through Mnet USA, Mnet Japan, channel m and other channels. Chen's vocal strength will be well known and recognized by more people.

Chen Linong's "I'm yours" is also very attentive. The music is specially tailored by Cai Shangwen, the music producer of girl. It is accompanied by Chen Linong's layered sound line and the fresh and long folk wooden guitar. It sings the throbbing and attachment of 18-year-old young people, which can be called the warmest single this autumn. This time, he appeared on the billboard of Chinese music with "I am your". What a wonderful stage it will present is also very exciting.

How will Chen Linong interpret "I am yours" in "China Music bulletin board"? "Hi roommate" Wang Yanlin returns next week. What kind of hilarious stories will they have? More exciting, please wait for Chen Linong's variety show.