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Chen Shaohua returns to the music world with his new album "drunk again" and fans are pleasantly sur

On September 19, famous singer Chen Shaohua's latest album "drunk again" was released, and the main song "drunk again" was launched on various music platforms. Before the song is online, it has received the attention and blessing of many industry elders in the music industry. And the result of this high-profile song online has not failed to live up to expectations.

"Drunk again" is a new work of Chen Shaohua's return from the music world for eight years. The song was composed by famous musician Zhang Shidong and composed by Xu Yusheng. Among them, there are many golden phrases in the lyrics: "it doesn't matter if you say it in your mouth, and you are haggard in secret", "love is just a great joy and great sorrow, how can we retreat from the depths of our feelings" and "who can't sleep at night for?". The whole tune of the lyrics and Chen Shaohua's natural hoarse voice make the emotion and pain of the song reach the just right line, giving people the feeling of "recalling youth" and "recalling killing". To give everyone in the feelings of empathy. Perhaps with a little of the flavor of the times, or perhaps the singer's unique charm, this is a song that will definitely let people indulge in it.

As soon as the song was launched in September, it was followed and commented by many fans. Even more fans were pleasantly surprised to call it the "see you for a long time" series. The song also dominates the screens on major social platforms. For Chen Shaohua to go online again, many fans are quite surprised. This is not only an explanation for fans, but also Chen Shaohua's persistence and love for his dream.

For this kind of powerful senior artists, perhaps there is no current flow of "small fresh meat". But they also have their own persistence and love of music, which is different from others. For the pure land of music to maintain absolute strength. It is a deep-rooted belief, but also with a "stubborn" who does not want to drift with the tide. I hope Chen Shaohua can bring us more really good music works in his sacred music territory, which are not catering to the needs of the market in the future.