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Why is LIGO banned? Is the 15 minute video true or false

Haige entertainment news After Li Ge was banned, many netizens cheered repeatedly, which was very consistent with the original effect of Chen Shan and Tianyou being blocked. As an idiom, the high income of the live broadcasting industry is not as obvious as that of stars and big stars, but it is much higher than that of some professional players of the game. There are millions of anchors every month, and those who publicize negative energy should be banned, but they can The best punishment is to end the hyped industrial chain.

Li Ge revealed during the live broadcast that if you add your own wechat, you need to pay 1500 wechat ticket fee. Otherwise, even if you are a steel fan, you will be despised if you don't pay. After Li Ge was blocked, netizens' powerful human flesh function began to play a role. Li Ge's 15 minute indecent video was exposed by netizens and sold at a low price. Although it is impossible to verify whether it is really me, because of the similarity in appearance, similar to twins, Li Ge was questioned as Li Ge himself. However, according to the information, Li Ge did not respond to the 15 minute video and did not make a photo Should the rescue measures, this is to let a lot of netizens said depressed, is it to be caught in a hurry?

However, compared with other black material, this very sensitive hidden topic is definitely the most exciting for netizens, not to mention the video is directly released. It can be said that after this video was posted to the Internet, LIGO is really no chance to turn over. But I believe that a lot of small partners are the same as the small editor, for the video heroine in the end is not LIGO also have some doubts

Today, I'd like to analyze for you, whether the heroine in this 15 minute video is LIGO or not. Although Xiaobian doesn't like LIGO very much, and is not interested in this kind of video, but in the mentality of verification, Xiaobian has watched the whole video carefully one second after another. I have to say that the heroine in the video is really like LIGO, but it's just like it. After watching the whole video carefully, I can tell you that the heroine is really not LIGO.