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China's best ex-wife Wang Ting wins praise for helping Huang Xuan start his own business

Recently, the first domestic TV drama "entrepreneurial era" with the theme of Internet entrepreneurship, produced by Huace film and television, directed by an Jian, starred by Huang Xuan and angelababy, and co starred by Zhou Yiwei, Song Yi, Yin Xiaotian, Dai Lele, Zhang Xiaoqian and Wang Ting, is currently on the hot air in Zhejiang satellite TV and East satellite TV. As soon as the play was broadcast, it attracted the attention of many audiences with its novel theme and super strong cast. While its popularity was increasing, it also caused a lot of heated discussions among the audience. Young actress Wang Ting plays the role of Guo Xinnian's ex-wife 'Huo XiuXiu' in the play. Her kind, warm-hearted, free and easy-going and generous personality has left a deep impression on the audience.

In the plot recently broadcast, Guo Xinnian (Huang Xuan), who is in the dilemma of career and family, not only suffered heavy losses to the entrepreneurial team, but also took care of his father who was hospitalized with sudden myocardial infarction. It can be said that Guo Xinnian (Huang Xuan) is faced with internal and external troubles. At the same time, Guo Xinnian's ex-wife 'Huo XiuXiu' (Wang Ting) She came to see Guo's father. When she knew Guo Xinnian's current situation, she did not hesitate to take out the house and let Guo Xinnian take the mortgage to tide over the crisis. She said in a warm heart: "if you win, you will remember me all your life. If you lose, I will be very happy, which proves that there is no dream in this world. Guo Xinnian was deeply moved by his words. Her practice has also won praise from many netizens. "Why doesn't Guo Xinnian cherish a good woman like Huo XiuXiu? "Huo XiuXiu, a good ex-wife of China", "what a cold and warm-hearted woman with love and righteousness".

As an actor, Wang Ting's interpretation of each role is well received. From Lu Shuangyi, the best friend in the world in "the coming of the fir trees", Gu Xiaoman, a brave divorced girl in "the next stop, farewell", Meng Pianran, the smart and capable female president in "Dear living ancestor", to Cheng Yuyuan Jun, the intelligent and enthusiastic Cheng Yuyuan Jun in "three lives, three generations and ten li peach blossom", and "bright moon heart" in Qin Dynasty 》Mrs. Chu, who is the villain in, and Kathy, the female elite in "I'm Du Lala", are highly praised. At the same time, Wang Ting's time drama "bloody Yangtze River" is also being broadcast on Anhui Satellite TV, where he plays the role of 'Xiang Xiaohan'. Both inside and outside the play, Wang Ting's unique temperament and fearless fighting spirit are very eye-catching. All kinds of roles in different times and backgrounds can be easily controlled. We hope that she will continue to bring more excellent film and television works.

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