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Lu Jiarong is invited to appear in red on Monday in Shanghai fashion in autumn and winter! (text)

Autumn and winter fashion shows have been staged in various fashion weeks in golden autumn and winter, and Shanghai Fashion Week has also begun. The heroine of the hit drama "the sword of execution" was invited to participate in the fashion show. In the competition among various female stars, LV Jiarong appeared in the C position with her neat and short hair and a capable and feminine red suit, and the photos taken with various female stars are also hard to hide It has become the most eye-catching scenery in the show.

Lu Jiarong's Theatre is proud, and the show is even more proud

Whether it's the drama of all sizes that she has participated in for many years, or the sword of execution, which made Lu Jiarong's name leave a deep impression on the screen. Lu Jiarong's screen C position is often outstanding and surprising. This year's urban drama executive judge, which starred in justice, became popular as soon as it was broadcast. In the play, she played a kind and upright woman No.1 Zuo Lin, which became popular among the public. Next, both large-scale film appointments and large-scale film and TV series all threw olive branches to LV Jiarong, which caught the opportunity Meeting is closer to success, which can be said to be the pride of the theater.

Lu Jiarong often stands in the C position on the show, which can't be underestimated. We can often see LV Jiarong invited by brands to the show at home and abroad. She can be an oriental woman who goes abroad on the show, or a woman with short hair who has gone out of thousands of styles in the domestic show. She is particularly outstanding among many stars, and the show blockbusters are often praised for their fashion The atmosphere is really the pride of the theater, and the show is even more proud.

The unknown side of Lu Jiarong's show

We can see Lu Jiarong, who made a brilliant debut in the c-position of the fashion show, Lu Jiarong, a smiling girl who is still in the chilly autumn wind, and the model worker Lu Jiarong who skillfully poses in front of the camera to cope with all kinds of shooting, but we don't see her private preparation for the fashion week, no matter whether it's getting up early to dress up or to better show off the clothes, the purpose of reducing weight and weight is to be able to reduce the body weight in order to reduce the body weight of clothes On the screen or on the show can maintain their best state, is also LV Jiarong as an artist of professional ethics.

The autumn and winter Shanghai Fashion Show in October is a small branch of LV Jiarong's big and small shows. However, no matter what the show is, no matter what it is, LV Jiarong takes it seriously. We can see her seriousness as an artist. I believe that LV Jiarong, who takes every matter seriously, not only often stands on the stage C, but also becomes a worthy C hostess in various plays!