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This session of Taishui! The Golden Eagle Festival is the dis traffic Festival, and the prize winner

This year's Golden Eagle Festival TV series came to an end when dilireba and Li Yifeng won the emperor's and Li Yifeng's awards. The two most popular awards fell into the hands of popular Huadan and Dang Hongxiao Sheng. However, the Internet was full of voices such as "the number of votes is too false" and "the strength can not match the awards". Netizens expressed dissatisfaction with the voting system of the Golden Eagle Festival and called it "the most water" One session '!

The Golden Eagle goddess is disputed every year. Why did dilireba suffer the most from diss this year? It turns out that fans had been ready to fight long before the Golden Eagle goddess's final vote was released. Among them, Yang Zi, LV Jiarong, Liu Yifei and other actors ranked high in the number of votes. Who knows, in the end, she suddenly killed a Dili Reba. Not only that, she also won the highest honor after watching. But is her acting skills really convincing?

Dilireba's opening show on the Golden Eagle Festival has caused a lot of ridicule. From clothes to movements, words like 'fat' and 'stiff' are mercilessly attacking this year's Golden Eagle goddess. However, to be honest, this position is not only based on the appearance and flow, but also the eyes of the masses. There are also some best candidates who speak with their strength in this Golden Eagle Award. They are Yuan Quan Lu Jiarong and kaiqingzi.

Yuan Quan and Lu Yi came to the Golden Eagle Festival Award Ceremony with their new work "when the wind rises again". Although they failed to break through to the end, the audience was deeply impressed by Yuan Quan's acting skills over the years. Perhaps it was a little less popular. Yuan Quan's fighting power was still far inferior to the popular post-90s actors such as Reba and Yang Zi.

Lu Jiarong is also one of the best TV dramas in the list. Her urban romantic drama, the grand wedding of scenery, is a real and inspirational TV series about women. Her performance in the play reflects her understanding and understanding in life. Her meticulous characterization of characters has touched the hearts of the audience. This year, there are three works of Lu Jiarong online, not only In the Republic of China drama, modern drama have participated in, Lu Jiarong also in the main drama "executive sword" after the transformation of the performance.

Lu Jiarong, who relies on her works, has proved her existence in the Golden Eagle Festival, and has brought fans and audiences more expectations for future works. Winning a prize or not is never the ultimate goal of an actor. Like LV Jiarong, there are still some actresses who never stop working in the performing arts. Although she has spent more time on variety shows recently, she has made films and TV works She and Zhang Han's "if Paris is not happy" also won a relatively high reputation this year.

How an actor can win a cheer at the award ceremony depends on whether he is willing to spend time on acting. Only by relying on his strength and works can he really conquer the audience. Actresses such as LV Jiarong, Yuan Quan and Kai Qingzi are examples in the entertainment industry!