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Zhang Chao's latest overseas blockbuster with charming temperament

Recently, a group of the latest overseas blockbusters by actor Zhang Chao have been released. Their facial features are exquisite and charming, showing a fashionable and elegant style of noble childe.

In this group of Street Photos, he was wearing a color striped shirt and dark blue satin casual pants. The overall shape was mainly made of satin, which was simple and gentlemanly. In the picture, Zhang Chao sits lazily in a street shop, or holds up a glass of wine and talks directly with the camera. Against the background of the light, he is angular, and his delicate facial features make his elegant and noble temperament more clear. Under the high saturation hue, Zhang Chao is in the gorgeous background and looks far away. Beside him is a bright and avant-garde street view. Compared with the domestic scene in late autumn, he adds a little exotic flavor. Just like a walking pictorial, you can easily interpret the city's noble son. It is also like a glass of craft beer. It is pure, hearty and refreshing.