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International! Zhang Liangying is the most popular singer in Virginia

Spotify has officially announced the highest streaming media singer in all US states on its 10th anniversary, according to foreign media buzzfeed. Among them, Chinese singer Zhang Liangying has become the most popular singer in Virginia and deserves to be the most famous Chinese female singer overseas.

The news originated from spotify, a well-known streaming music service platform, which released a list of the most popular musicians in each state of the United States. "You may have singers who have been circulating all the time, but are you curious about what other people in your state like? 'spotify breaks down their most popular musicians into each state, which means they're particularly heavily played in those States. According to the news, people's favorite singer in Virginia is Jane Zhang and Zhang Liangying.

On October 14, 2016, New York time, Zhang Liangying's English single "dust my shoulders off" was put on the global shelves, and ranked No. 4 in the total list of the U.S. region's iTunes on October 22. It was also recommended by Billboard's official website as one of the 20 essential songs in the play list. The single "dust my shoulders off" was included in Zhang Liangying's first English album, and she became the first Chinese singer to release all English albums in the world, and the Sixth Asian singer to release all English albums in the world. Zhang Liangying's high musical strength also enjoys international praise.

Both works and personal influence, Zhang Liangying occupies an important position in the world. It is not only the Chinese female singer invited by billboard for the first time, but also the first Asian singer and the first Chinese singer invited to participate in the Grammy. Her achievements in music prove her excellent singing strength and gradually expand her international popularity and influence.

The two world tour concerts just concluded in Connecticut and Las Vegas in the United States have also achieved great success, attracting numerous fans from home and abroad to watch. As soon as the tickets are on sale, they are sold out. The high attendance rate of the concert and the enthusiasm of fans at home and abroad also fully demonstrate the extraordinary strength and international recognition of "international Zhang".