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Love of nine thousand meters

On October 15, aviation inspirational youth TV series "love in 9000 meters" was officially launched in Chongqing. The play is directed by famous producers Zhao Jie and Guo Hongbo, directed by Wen Jie, the seventh generation director in China, and written by Gao Han, a famous screenwriter. On the opening day, actor Liu Luoxi appeared at the scene of the opening ceremony.

Liu Luoxi and Xia Zhiguang compose the love song between sister and brother

The play tells the story of six young people in their early 20s who have grown up from flying cadets to pilots. Lin Shu (Wang Yilun), born in a flying family, dreamed of becoming a professional pilot when he was young. After graduating from the aviation school, he joined the airline company as he wished. He became a flight cadet with Jiang Yiming (Zhang Yicong) and Zhou Yuhang (Xia Zhiguang), and met Miss Aojiao Cheng Cheng Cheng (Li Tingting). Several young people went hand in hand in the aviation school. Their love, friendship and career were interwoven with each other, and they shared the experience of growing up in laughter and tears.

This drama brings together Wang Yilun, Li Tingting, Zhang Yicong, Xia Zhiguang, Liu Luoxi, etc. many pairs of CP lines enter into the play and become a major point of the play. Chen Jingyan (played by Liu Luoxi), the female instructor in the play, is mature and prudent. With Zhou Yuhang (Xia Zhiguang), a lovely and sincere student, she composes a love song between her brother and her sister, which is quite realistic and warm-hearted, showing a love full of tolerance and rationality.

Mature and wise female pilot's growth history

Chen Jingyan, a female flight instructor played by young actor Liu Luoxi, is a mature and wise professional woman. She longed for love, but because of her divorce and work, she was always reluctant to love until she met Zhou Yuhang, who was much younger than herself (Xia Zhiguang). He was lovely, kind and warm, and gradually opened Chen Jingyan's heart. Chen Jingyan, as a representative of older women, shows the tolerance and openness of mature women towards love. It remains to be seen where this cross age and identity love will go.

In 2018, Liu Luoxi had a good harvest year. He played the third female Zhao Bin in the youth campus drama don't touch the soft in my heart. In the youth inspirational drama "sad against the current into a river" and romantic love science fiction comedy "my robot boyfriend" also contributed to the wonderful performance. It is reported that "love in 9000 meters" will be exclusively broadcast in Tencent video in 2019. The new role and new shape are expected to bring greater surprise to actor Liu Luoxi.