Sihai network

Wan Qian's "getting out of the body" broadcast in Jiangxi Province and Hubei Province

Created by Wang Qinan, a well-known producer and writer, and starred by Chen Kun and Wan Xi, the emotional drama of the age will be launched in the golden files of Hubei satellite TV and Jiangxi satellite TV today. The drama breaks through the traditional creation mode of "s drama". With its exciting plot rhythm, high concentration of emotional release, and humorous comic elements, the drama has opened a new way for the audience to open the emotional drama of the age. In the first round of broadcasting, he won the ratings crown for many times, and won a good result of the continuous breaking of double channel ratings. Many netizens reported interesting stories about parents' pursuit of dramas, which triggered the upsurge of family chasing dramas in summer vacation. After four months, "get out" was on the star for the second time, which also rekindled netizens' enthusiasm for pursuing drama. They left a message saying, "move the small bench for about two rounds.".

In the play, Chen Kun and Wan Xi's "tie money CP" combination has gained the audience's high love. The tearful ending of Qiao Zhicai and Huang Liwen across the sea once made netizens say: "abuse the internal injury, do not give up the ending of" get away ". And Wan Xi's white agent Huang Liwen presents a different screen image than before, which makes everyone feel surprised. For the discussion of the role, Wan Qian once sent a long message on her microblog to respond, "thank you for joining the show. Huang Liwen's role let me put all the atmosphere down, breaking the inertia of performance, and she made my performance range more flexible". Many netizens were also moved by such sincere words. With the second round of "escape" broadcast, we expect the audience to discover different Huang Liwen with different emotions.

Since October 13, Hubei satellite TV and Jiangxi satellite TV have been broadcasting on the air. They are deeply in love and come for you. Please look forward to the TV series "get out".