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Liu Wei's "happy Doraemon" presents fancy composition and shows English on the street

At 22:00 on Saturday night, Hunan Satellite TV "happy duo Mi" came to Xi'an, an ancient cultural capital with a long history, to interpret different Xi'an from the perspective of creative and interesting short videos. Liu Wei, as a 'creative recommender' and a video talent, went deep into the streets and alleys of Xi'an. He not only showed his English on the street, but also showed his musical talent. He adapted songs on the spot, which can be said to be full of fun.

Liu Wei and a group of guests came to Xi'an, the ancient capital of Xi'an. They put on long gowns and Mandarin coats in their hometown and sang English songs at double speed in the street, which surprised foreign friends. This time, Liu Wei also showed his musical talent. His creative adaptation of rap was very interesting. He also danced square dance with Xi'an's parents, fully demonstrating the ancient charm and trend of Xi'an. The cooperation between Liu Wei and his partner Patrick is also full of tacit understanding. Their unique and innovative shooting ideas add a lot of points to the video, and both music and viewing have become their characteristics. We are looking forward to bringing us more wonderful creative videos!

It is reported that Liu Wei will follow happy duo Mi to more cities to explore new ways to play city culture. Please look forward to his wonderful performance!