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Yu Shaoqun holds birthday party for 10th anniversary of his debut

On October 13, the 10th anniversary of Yu Shaoqun's debut and the 'Yu Shaoqun is still a teenager's birthday party' was held in Beijing. On the same day, Yu Shaoqun shared his birthday wishes with fans from all over the country and overseas, ate dumplings and played games. He also announced his cooperation with Beijing Miaoxiang Tiankai Cultural Media Co., Ltd. The scene was very warm and loving.

Share positive energy of charity with fans and make dumplings by hand to thank fans for ten years of company

At the birthday party, Yu Shaoqun and his fans reviewed the warm time of the past ten years. In addition to the wonderful performance of guzheng and the embroidery Heart Sutra, the fans expressed that in response to Yu Shaoqun's call to actively participate in public welfare, they also presented Yu Shaoqun with the certificate of "love lunch" as a gift, and expressed their deep feelings to continue to work together Quantity '.

In the face of such attentive fans, Yu Shaoqun also gives warm feedback. He shares his dumplings with all his fans on the spot. When asked by the host why he chose to make dumplings for his fans, Yu Shaoqun said that "dumplings are food for family reunion during the Chinese New Year. Because of his work, he often can't get together with his family, but today I'm with fans Together, it's like celebrating the new year with your family. After eating the dumplings, Yu Shaoqun expressed his gratitude to the fans by singing "the moon represents my heart". The scene was very moving.

Ten years' pursuit of dream, original intention does not change, new company starts from 'heart'

In addition to having a warm and happy birthday with his fans, Yu Shaoqun also shared a good news with you at the birthday party, that is, he signed the good news of Beijing Miaoxian Tiankai Cultural Media Co., Ltd., which was announced on the scene. When the two leaders of the new company sent Yu Shaoqun birthday gifts and blessings, they also expressed that 'Yu Shaoqun is what they have been looking for We are looking forward to the future cooperation. "In the face of such a dedicated new company and team, the fans on the scene also sent blessing and encouragement.

At the last birthday, Yu Shaoqun shared a wish with the fans who were present. He hoped that in the next ten years, everyone would still be there, and that he would continue to walk together in the next ten years. He also hoped that after signing up for the new company, he could present better works and roles and give back everyone's love.