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"From your Valentine" for the first time in China

On October 8, 2018, the 5th Silk Road International Film Festival was held in Xi'an, the ancient capital of China. The five-day Festival, with the theme of "new era & middot; New Silk Road & middot; new horizon", invited many well-known domestic and foreign film makers to participate. The light science fiction love film "from your Valentine" produced by Star Film Media Co., Ltd. also held a new film release conference during the film festival on the 13th, which is the first time that the film has unveiled its mystery in China after successively appearing at Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival.

The film "from your Valentine" is directed by the famous director Lian Yiqi, with the gold medal producer Li Shixiang as the chief producer. It not only brings together well-known actors Mingdao, Ye Qing, Sarah & middot; Berg, marseillo & ogen, and the popular young actor Xu Kaicheng plays a special role. At the press conference, the chief producer Li Shixiang, starring Mingdao, Ye Qing, and Marcello ogen were all present, and rob Cohen, who had directed Hollywood blockbuster films such as "speed and passion", "Mummy 3" and "top secret flight", came to help.

"From your Valentine" is the first film in China to discuss the important role of artificial intelligence and credit scoring in the future. It tells about the biggest difference between people in the future. The score will determine the rights you can have in this society. At the same time, no matter in shape or mind, humanoid robots can be integrated into human society. Under the stimulation of social scoring system and "perfect" humanoid robots, human beings are wavering and constantly exploring. The press conference also released the original film, so that the audience who came to watch the film were feast for the eyes. After watching the film, director rob & middot; Cohen commented on the scene that he was "totally attracted by the film, flawless in technology, great in the actors and scenes, and proud of Mingdao and the production team. 'producer Ms. Li Shixiang said the film was inspired by the robot partner being produced. She believes that the rise of female consciousness will also lead to women's higher pursuit of life partner. When it comes to whether or not to accept custom-made 'perfect lovers', Mingdao said that although he would not reject it, he did not think there was absolute' perfect '. The heroine Ye Qing and Argentinean actor Marcello Ogan play a couple in the film. Talking about the first cooperation, they also said that although there were some difficulties in communication, they also brought new shooting feelings.

It is reported that "from your Valentine" invited Stuart Bentley, the photographer of "black mirror" and "wasteland", to act as the photography director, Tom Wilkinson, photographer of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire" and "mission impossible 6: complete collapse" as the photographer, and David & middot, the lighting engineer of Paddington Bear; As a lighting engineer, ney can be said to be a super Hollywood production team. Such a powerful behind the scenes lineup also presents a more wonderful audio-visual feast for the audience. As Mingdao said in an interview, making an experimental short film with such great efforts not only hopes to convey a view to the audience, but also hopes to make a contribution to the progressive Chinese film industry with excellent production.