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How good is Wang Luoyong's foreign language? Watching his recording of Andersen's fairy tales in Den

Recently, Wang Luoyong, the famous star of the film and television musical Sanqi, appeared in the National Grand Theater. Along with us are many international friends.

It is understood that the magic journey of Andersen, produced by the Danish team, is composed of actors from various countries in Europe. Mr. Wang Luoyong, who is in charge of the lines, has recorded the whole process of dubbing for the play, which is another international art cooperation.

Wang Luoyong, as a hero model of the people, was very modest at the meeting. He not only talked with actors from all over Europe, but also talked and laughed in various languages. There are Danish, French and German & hellip; & hellip;

He is more considerate to the enthusiastic audience and fans. A sharp eyed audience asked, "Mr. Wang, how many languages do you speak?"? '

The modest Wang Luoyong replied with a modest smile: "Hey, nothing. '

At the end of the performance, Wang Luoyong and all the actors on the stage joined hands and went to the front of the stage to make a curtain call with the audience. They also met the group photo and signature request of the enthusiastic audience one by one. The age of fans is from primary school students to ignorant old people, and all ages are killed.

Even the editors on the spot can't help thinking. In the face of today's entertainment industry, performing artists like Wang Luoyong are worthy of the name of "double fragrance of talent".