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The first female trainee Liu Lian xiaoxian'er attacks the legend of the next stop

Recently, the large-scale song and dance competition program "voice of China dream & middot" produced by Oriental satellite TV recently; The next legend will be officially broadcast on October 21. The program's tutor has officially announced six celebrities, namely Chen Weiting, Deng Ziqi, Hu Haiquan, Zhou Bichang, Song Xi, and Wu Yifan. The official publicity of trainee students started on the 8th has gradually stepped into a climax. After the exposure of Ding Li, the legendary boy 127 of CASS, she has also exposed two female trainees from CASS They are cool, handsome, sassy, swag full of Liu Lian and soft cute and lovely xiaoxian'er. The two girls have their own characteristics, but they all exude the same breath of youth and are full of the unique charm of young girls.

Cass star first reveals female trainee's debut, first variety show "Legend of the next stop"

After announcing the legend of the next stop, Ding Li, the legendary boy No. 127 from CASS, announced once again that Liu Lian and Xiao xian'er, two trainees from Cass planet. October 4 CEO Liu Jia announced the company's three female practice for the first time. Fans knew that there were female trainees on CASS planet. The first variety show of Liu Lian and Xiao xian'er was "the legend of the next stop" broadcast on October 21. This program was led by six tutors, and the male and female teams competed. It seems that the three trainees of CASS planet may also have a positive confrontation in the program 。

Xiaoxianer, the legendary girl of no.034, is a silly, white and sweet girl of Pisces. As her name suggests, xiaoxianer looks lovely and has a fairy spirit. Of course, what she has is not only her looks. You can find that she is a little girl in the troupe dance group. She is a top-notch skilful dancer. She is the strong one in renmeigetian business. The other is Liu Lian, a cute girl from Chongqing In 1998, she was born with swag. She loved rap. She claimed to be a common people who could speak rap. She was known by her friends as & lsquo; younger brother & quo;, and her unique cool attracted a wave of personality fans.

Different styles of Liu Lian xiaoxian'er: striving for the legend of the next stop

Although the style of the official Formula photo of "Legend of the next stop" is a little mediocre, the performance of the two girls is commendable. The cute little fairy is born with a baby face. Once the formula photo is released, fans call this girl too sweet and cute. Liu Lian, a cool and handsome girl, wore a dress she didn't wear. Even so, she couldn't control rapper's own aura. She was very lively in the gags, and even joked about her 'I'm very skinny', which was very real. Two people, one cool and one cute, have very different personalities, but they have prepared a lot for this stage. In the face of fierce competition, they will go all out to do their best under the guidance of their tutors, and strive on the stage heartily.

In 2018, the first year of idol, women's idols are also gradually rising. In the upcoming "Legend of the next stop" of Oriental satellite TV, Liu Lian and Xiao xian'er from Cass will unveil the mysterious veil, so that the audience can understand them more comprehensively. Cool and handsome girls and soft cute girls will release their energy in the fierce competition. I believe that the two girls will also have more innovations in the process of tempering The harvest.