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Zhang Yuxi's appearance causes controversy? These actresses in the entertainment industry eat by the

Zhang Yuxi has been questioned by netizens about her "declining beauty" recently. Some people even said that she is famous for her "mixed blood facial features". No matter what the female stars in the entertainment industry do, they are always controversial. After all, public figures will always be people's after dinner talks. However, the following actresses are really "eating on their faces" The beauty of her is recognized by the public.

Being ridiculed for his stiff facial features, Zhang Yuxi's hair has never been seen before

The audience of "Ruyi Zhuan" finally waited for Zhang Yuxi's part. However, her appearance made everyone dumbfounded. The impression that Zhang Yuxi was clearly a lively and lovely girl, how could she become extremely restrained and rigid under the camera? Netizens make complaints about the facial expression of Yu Xi on micro-blog. Some even say that she is only suitable for static and unsuitable for dynamic. The HD shooting under the camera is just a public sentence to her. However, Zhang Yuxi, who is used to being black, also responded to netizens' group ridicule, saying that she looked much better in the drama than in her life. She was really honest enough!

Liu Yifei is the little dragon girl!

The latest news spread out that "the divine eagle knight errant" will start to remake again. At this moment of great attention, the micro blog appears to be almost "one-sided". Netizens are very tacit in saying that "Liu Yifei is the fairy sister in mind". At that time, Liu Yifei really left a deep impression in the "divine carving". Her twinkles and smiles, and her sword dancing posture make many people watch People will never forget, and Liu Yifei's appearance is full of immortality. If she dares to say that she eats by her face, no one will object to it!

"Orthodox beauty" Lu Jiarong goes to international fans: boasting her beauty

Lu Jiarong, who has always been known as "the first beauty of the Republic of China", has made a great impact on the public in the Republic of China dramas, such as "Jinxiuyuan" and "if we meet at the beginning". When fans and netizens think that each role of her is fixed, LV Jiarong proves that she can control any style with her changeable clothes and leading the trend Lu Jiarong has taken an active part in the fashion week recently. Her appearance of "orthodox beauty" is gradually developing to the international market. Her fans are all transformed into little fans, indulged in her charm and just want to brag about her face!

Li Yitong: it's time to have dinner!

Li Yitong, an actress, recently appeared in Shanghai's fortune square. She uses her white skin and long legs to circle passers-by for minutes. In the new version of "Legend of Shooting Heroes", the naughty and wayward Huang Rong is also a girl full of vigor. Li Yitong, who appeared in Shanghai, instantly attracted high popularity. Netizens can't help boasting when she shows up in a black-and-white dress Praise her as a "born beauty", but fans love her, she looks thin, have messages to remind: little sister, it's time to have dinner!