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"First mind list" held in Beijing

Xia Mei, chairman of LINGJI film and television industry, won the award of "top ten young TV producers in China" on October 10. The jury gave an excellent evaluation: Xia Mei has a large number of projects, large volume, fine quality, grounding and positive energy. She can be called the heroine of Anhui Army.

Xia Mei has run such projects as "the second egg of the militia", "I am a special soldier", "ten send off the Red Army", "good guy", "New Three Kingdoms" and other projects. The large quantity and excellent quality of Xia Mei have made her get unanimous recognition in the film and television circles. In 2018, it launched the TV series "sending flowers all the way", which was broadcast in the first round of Oriental satellite TV and Jiangsu Satellite TV, and finally broke through the network's 7.9 billion broadcast volume, breaking through 3 billion microblog topic reading and discussion volume. The topic heat continued to rise, and frequently appeared on the microblog hot topic list. At present, the newly edited 41 episode full story version of "seeing off the flowers all the way" is being broadcasted in the golden section of Guangdong satellite TV, with stronger plot tension and providing guidance for the society with positive energy values.

After Xia Mei founded the leading film and TV series, she adhered to the concept of 'only making excellent dramas', and made excellent products with her strength. In 2018, LINGJI not only broadcasted the pure love drama "seeing off the flowers all the way", but also successively launched the CCTV drama "the court under the sun", and the phenomenal film "a good play", which received a lot of praise. Next, LINGJI film and television will also launch high-quality plays such as the youth inspirational drama of asking the sky: young Zhong Kui, beautiful day, and alley celebrities.

LINGJI film and television takes the concept of persuading people, speaking with works, constantly innovating, embracing the humble craftsman's heart, elaborately carving excellent plays, truly taking the original as the core and seriously doing the content. Xia Mei said: in the future, LINGJI will always maintain the perseverance of only making high-quality products. It will not ask for quantity but quality. It will adhere to the original intention, contribute to the industry and strive to move forward on the road of film and television industry development.