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Ming Liang's participation in the legend of the next stop

Recently, the entertainment official of Longtao announced the information posters of three new artists under his banner, which received high attention and heated discussion from all walks of life. Among these three new artists, Ming Liang is not a strange face.

Ming Liang, a master of pop singing from Sichuan Conservatory of music, is good at vocal music and composition. As a regular guest, he participated in the recording of the idol advanced reality show super dimensional idol, and cooperated with Wang Hedi, the actor of Daoming temple in the new meteor garden, and Liang Jingkang, the actor of meizuo. In the process of the program, it was praised by Mr. He Jiong that Ming Liang is a hard-working person, has made great progress and has great room for improvement. He Bing also commented: "there is a very cute thing in Ming Liang, which does not match his small appearance". He also praised Ming Liang for his serious and modest learning attitude. Since then, he has set foot in the film and television industry, guest starred in "Ode to joy 2" and other film and television works.

Just the day before yesterday, Oriental satellite TV's fourth quarter music license program, a reality show to cultivate male and female group idols, "the voice of China dream & Legend of the next stop", also released a poster in the official blog to announce its formal participation in the program. The bright sunshine in the poster is handsome, smiling very confidently. And he Jiong, who has a good relationship with him, is also cheering for him in the micro blog. He is warm and helpful. I'll cheer you on! Ming Liang also immediately echoed "thank you, Ho, go all out." the interaction revealed familiarity and warmth. What surprise will Ming Liang, who is good at vocal music and creative writing, bring you? Let's wait and see.